Damanhur Down Under in Australia

May 09, 12 Damanhur Down Under in Australia

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Shama Viola and Crotalo Sesamo have returned from the first ever slate of Damanhur events in Australia! They went to Melbourne, Byron Bay and Sydney over the course of a two week tour, organized and sponsored by Veritas magazine. Shama and Crotalo appreciated the harmonious mix of diverse cultures and ethnicities in the cities of Australia, and the eastern and western styles fused in the architecture and way of life there. Word of mouth got around about Damanhur coming to town, all the way from Italy which was a 22 hour flight with layover in Abu Dhabi, and it attracted many people from all over to the events that were held. Seeing as how Australia is such a large continent with a spread out population, distance travel was often necessary for people to arrive. Despite this, there was such excitement and interest that every event was well attended. The first presentation in Melborne had about a hundred people present, and the other successive presentations had at least 50. Many Damanhurian themes were introduced, from Selfica, to Inner Harmonizing, to community life. The Damanhur courses that were given had about 15 to 30 people participating, and individual sessions were well attended as well. In Byron Bay, the Damanhurians were hosted at Zakay Glass, a gallery that features sacred geometry derived from the Kabbalah in the form of glass structures, including lamps and art objects. After a television interview in Sydney, Crotalo and Shama visited caves featuring rock engravings that resemble Egyptian hieroglyphs, a site located two hours outside the city. It is only rarely available for non-aborigines to visit, although synchronically, they found someone who was able to guide them there. They discovered that some of the signs are similar to Egyptian ones, and others are very clearly hieroglyphs. The outing provided valuable information for the research that is being done at Damanhur on ancient civilizations. The Damanhurians gave many interviews, for radio, local and national television and documentary films, including a radio interview in...

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