Why I dropped out of art school

Art School with a spiritual dimension and underground Temples.

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I love Damanhurian music

Why Damanhurian music differs from the norm.

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Some of the Nucleo Communities of Damanhur

Along the narrow roads weaving through the luxurious hills of the Valchiusella valley, it’s often easy to spot a Damanhurian nucleo. You might see a mosaic of stones on an old wall, a colorful mural or flag, or the curving shapes of Sacred Language in the ironwork gates. Some nucleos are close to the road, others are surrounded by fields, farms or forest. Some are in the small nearby villages. Visiting the nucleos, what strikes me is the aesthetic beauty of the interiors of the homes I see. The ones that have been built or remodeled are light, airy and colorful. They often have an entire wall of windows overlooking the green expanse of trees and hills. There are paintings on the walls, sculptures, tiles, candles, etc. throughout the rooms. Sometimes there’s a tarot deck spread in a semicircle on a table, ready for passersby to pick a card. The dining rooms are often large with long tables and lovely place settings. Then there are the older buildings, probably by a few centuries, with low, curving doorways and shadowy cool interiors. Some of these have curving ceilings made of bricks. There might even be an old, half-moon-shaped pizza oven giving the place the nuance of a shepherd’s simple abode. ArteCultura is a nucleo above the tiny neighboring village of Vidracco. The house is surrounded by some rubble of former older buildings, looking quite charming with red roses growing in the yard. This is a small nucleo, an old one with brick ceilings. The theme here is art. During our New Life nucleo tour, someone asks what kind of art. “We consider cooking as an art. We love to spoil our guests,” they tell us. “We also decorate our building and organize cultural art events for the town of Vidracco. We have a lot of spiritual involvement in the community.” The birth nucleo, also in Vidracco, concerns all things birth-oriented: midwifery, maternity, birthing and postnatal care. It also offers preventative health care for women in...

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Damanhurian Art Canons

Feb 03, 12 Damanhurian Art Canons

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I recently discovered during a forum with Damanhurian artists that there are certain canons that define Damanhurian art: Make art inspired by Damanhurian art, unique and pioneering a new culture! Use Sacred Language. Sacred Language is present in many of the arts and in the Temples of Humankind in a variety of manifestations. Use of this language is key to the culture and characterization of the Damanhurian People. Research and experiment, always introduce a new element in every work. Give meaning to that which is produced. Every Damanhurian is both artist and audience, infusing one’s work with eternity, a sense of timelessness and spiritual significance. See the human being as a magical, three-dimensional symbol, like Leonardo da Vinci’ s Vitruvian Man. The human being is often shown out of balance in forward momentum. Value tradition, understand what has been created and build upon it. Velocity, working together to meet deadlines helps move beyond personal differences. Collective art making, the value of groups. Create with many hands working together. You can make a mark while restoring art instead of always preserving how it was. Integrate art techniques, experimentation that leads to new styles, materials, technologies. Depart from an advanced point, not from the beginning. Start from the results already achieved from a technical, artistic and social point of view. Overcome yourself, go beyond limits through artwork and its use. Create wonder and scandal. Keep a sense of humor and playful spirit.   Share Tweet...

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