Avatar was born in Piedmont

Jan 30, 10 Avatar was born in Piedmont

I can’t help but be amazed when I read articles like the one published today (30 January 2010) on avvenire.it

Wait a minute, let me take a step backward.

One day, Gnomo told me about the latest acquisition of Cameron: a $400,000 video camera that’ll revolutionize 3D.

As a good computer expert, I can’t help but keep my eye on James, who has always stimulated and been stimulated by everything that has to do with new technologies.

We all anxiously wait this new, marvelous technology and … surprise: when we go to see the film, we realize how the 3D is merely a detail. The marvel of marvels is the film itself.

All (or almost all) of the Damanhurians who have seen the film have been able to notice the infinite similarities between the people of Avatar and us: from the sacred language, to the salutation, to the Temples…

It was incredible and emotional to see that there are people in the world who emphasize the parallel between the Na’vi and Damanhurians … I don’t know about you, but for me, it’s always very moving when people see us for what we are: a people who want to live according to principles and values that don’t harm anyone, ones that respect diversity and don’t fight against it, like others do.

Thanks to all those who, like Massimo Introvigne, even while not sharing the convictions of others, is able to respect them.





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    Very interesting. I believe I shall go and get to know Damanhur in Valchiusella.