An evening with artists in Denver, Colorado

Apr 17, 12 An evening with artists in Denver, Colorado

I write this report very satisfied and a bit out of breath after a series of events in America. The main one took place on Friday evening, March 30, in Denver Colorado. A multi-media gallery opening at the Fusion Factory – a large warehouse space where local artists share visual arts and crafts, film, music, dance and celebration. At the opening, there was a showing of the film Dreams of Damanhur, and afterward, question and answer time with me.

At the beginning of the evening, I presented myself as a citizen of Damanhur, opening Quaglia at the Fusion Factorywith a moment of inner harmonizing to set the energy of the space. I also shared the story of how I got my animal name Quaglia (Quail).

After the film, the people present asked me classic and inventive questions inDreams of Damanhur screening a continuous flow, like: what is your average day like? What are the rituals you have for marriage and death? Everyone seems happy and calm, don’t you ever argue? Is there punishment? How is it for children there? What would you change about Damanhur? (Each one of these could become a future blog article!) I received appreciation for my sincere and animated way of responding. I had to stop the questions after 45 minutes, otherwise, we would have missed the rest of the program!

At the Damanhur exhibition – which I set up with Selfic paintings and images, the book on the Temples of Humankind and other Damanhurian books aDamanhur spreadnd calendars, Damanhur tarot and Bral Talej (inviting people to pick a card, with synchronic results) examples of Selfic objects and jewelry – the questions and chatting continued nonstop for another four hours. I didn’t even dance that night, which is really rare! Surrounded by contemporary urban artwork in a mix of styles and music from five different bands and DJs (one with selenite positioned around his mixer), some who did improvised jams, lots of stimuli mixed together in an atmosphere of expression and openness.

Everyone I met was enthusiastic and curious to know more about Damanhur, some intend to come visit, many expressed gratitude for the sharing and presence. I got to know so many artists – including jewelry artists who use spirals of metal, obviously fascinated by Selfica, spiritual researchers, healers, performers and fire dancers. Lots of creative folks who feel a resonance with Damanhur. After this event and a beautiful week of Ecstatic Dance, Rhythm Sanctuary, happy visits to Tonic Herban Lounge and a marriage ceremony at the Starhouse…Denver and Boulder hold a special place in my heart.

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