20th Anniversary of the Temples of Humankind Opening to the World

Jul 02, 12 20th Anniversary of the Temples of Humankind Opening to the World

In 2013, we will celebrate the 35th birthday of the Temples of Humankind, as the Temples were started in August of 1978. Special events throughout 2013 will culminate in the main festivities to be held in August 2013.

This week there is another commemoration happening, the 20th anniversary of the Temples opening to the world.  We are sharing our stories with each other about the first time we entered into the Temples. Would you like to share yours too? Feel free to write your story and post it on the comments of this page!Temples of Humankind - cross section

The story straight from the foundersWe kicked off the events on Wednesday evening with the Forge of the Temples: Stories of the Construction and Art of the Temples of Humankind. The evening was emceed by Orango Riso and Cicogna Giunco. Those who were present during the early years, like Orango, Fenice Felce and Puzzola Primula, told their stories about the moment a shooting star streaked across the sky during a campfire gathering and the digging begun. Others told about the campaign to save the Temples after they were discovered, the legal battles and signature drives that activated all of Damanhur. Cocorita Camomila told about her childhood impressions when large squadrons of authorities came to the Temples, and she thought to herself, “If all these people are coming to us, we must really be important!” Piovra Caffè’s stories brought to life the intense dedication of the artists and theirNarrating our story contributions to creating the Temples as a magical act. A special commemorative coin that was made in honor of the 20th anniversary was shown during the evening as well.

Thursday evening after the ‘Serata’ with Falco, the Damanhur theatre group performed a show called “The House in the Rock,” that recalled the moment that the Temples were opened, with imaginative twists and divine interventions, written by Stambecco Pesco.

entryway Hall of MirrorsOther events for the anniversary include “The Colors that Unite,” collective art making at Damanhur Crea, an afternoon in the Sacred Woods which are considered the “Hair of the Temples.” Sunday afternoon, an outdoor market with crafts and activities, children’s theatre and collaborative clay sculpting. After a community dinner at Damjl, the evening celebration features the Damanhur Choir, Sacred Dance and popular Damanhurian Dance, the debut performance of two pieces composed and performed by Damanhurian teenagers, and historical videos and photos.

Community expression through music

The choir takes the stage

Damanhur Sacred Dancers

Building up to the big celebration Sunday






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