Vegetarian or Carnivore?

Sep 27, 12 Vegetarian or Carnivore?

I am a bit reserved about communities that have got this far and not ‘realised’ that sustainable future is intrinsic in vegetariansim…

We are nurtured by vegetables, mineral elements (water, salt…) and of animals, because we feed from every type of form in the universe. The expansion of knowledge and experience also passes through the physical dimension, which is so important in our transition on Earth, therefore also through food. This is the reason why Damanhurian philosophy embraces being nurtured by everything, even meat.

Garden of Love

Of course, the base of our food should be vegetables, not meat. Meat consumption should be moderate, the livestock must be reared with love and respect.

In some nucleo communities, they raise small animals, and then there is the stable which rears cattle, one for all the nucleo communities, a herd in which attention is given to environmental sustainability as well as animal welfare.

kissWe are not carnivores but omnivores: this is our vision of food as part of a path of personal growth and meeting with the universe. Consider that for us, we pay so much attention to communication with plants that also eating vegetables requires an appropriate attitude, since it is also an act in which a living being is nourished by another living and conscious being.

It is important to remember that we are none of us are superior, not plant, animal or human, instead we are a physical and spiritual ecosystem that works together. We breed animals with love, and when we prepare them for death, there is a ritual to ensure that their experience of life will continue, both for them and for us that eat them. Before we eat, we have a small ritual of purification to enter into synergy with all that is on the plate, creating a reciprocal flow of nourishing energy – a spiritual growth.

Every animal and vegetable that is respected and loved feeds our soul in addition to the body, and thus helps his own evolution, as well as our own.



  1. Tom Averna /

    I certainly agree with this. Perhaps the day will come when we, as a species, evolve into knowing that we can walk barefoot upon an Earth that we have not polluted and draw nutrients into our bodies like our plant brethren and breathe in unpolluted air that mixes with the energy of the sun to fill us with the breath of life. And at that point we will not need to kill either plants or animals to survive. But until then we must learn to eat consciously being grateful for the life spirit that we allow to merge with us and sustain us.

    And we must be diligent to protect the right of all life to die with dignity after being raised and nurtured in love and not in some factory to feed the greed and avarice and lusts of an unconscious world.

  2. My personal development has resulted in a great love for all living things. I want to support life and I can no longer bear to hurt or kill, if it can be avoided. I have a choice. We all have. And we do not need to kill animals to live ourselves.

    I donĀ“t condem people eating meat. I simply disagree.

    • Angel /

      How can one claim love and spirituality when one is killing and digesting the fleshy remains of what was/is a sentient being!.

      Reincarnation involves a journey and this can be in many life forms depending on the life and conciousness one has at the momment of passing over, and as one resonates with the vibrations of their conciousness and at the momment of passing over the soul will be attracted to incarnate with a similar life force frequency. This is why reincarnation is in many forms of life!. Each form has a different journey and lesson to learn in service to the whole. So when you kill a sentient being you are effectively cutting their spiritual journey short and they will have to endure the cycle agin without progress!!.How is this spiritual and in harmony with the Creative Force?.

      This is NOT spiritual nor peaceful – nor – harmonic – everything is ONE…and one must respect the cycle of creation.

      • From our point of view, we are nourished by living and sentient beings whenever we eat both vegetables and meat. This is the food chain on the planet, this is life, this is the universe. We don’t think that we are respecting life more if we only eat plants instead of plants and animals; the important thing is that you eat with awareness and respect. Better yet, if you can raise your own food with that same level of awareness and respect, therefore creating a relationship with plants and animals that is beyond just physical nourishment.

  3. Ainslie /

    I can see the question from D team’s viewpoint. What I notice about the discussion is the simple truth that “you will experience what you believe”. And then, one can ask the question, are my beliefs helpful? Sometimes that’s a mixed bag: a belief that it is wrong to kill animals may be helpful to one’s identity as a vegan or vegetarian, but it may also cause one to condemn others or at least be a source of division and separation from others. I don’t believe there is any ‘ultimate truth’ that exists “out there”, to be found….except perhaps, for kindness toward all.

    • Thanks for putting things so simply Ainslie. Damanhurian philosophy believes that Absolute Truth cannot exist in the physical, it is relative to the observer. Therefore, what you say is very well put, that we each have to do what feels right for our body and growth.

  4. I discovered Damanhur some time ago and I was wondering if it would be interesting to be a permanent resident, but now I’ve red this article I made my mind… and the answer is definitely “No”.

    As a vegan (as for now), I do believe that the most serious way to achieve true spirituality is to get as close as possible to a breatharian lifestyle, to be fed directly by the energy of the Universe all around us, and thus to avoid the need to hurt and/or kill any other life.

    Someone who claims to be spiritual but who still kills and eats other sentient beings definitely missed something on the path.

    • Hi Anna! Thanks for sharing your perspective. I can definitely understand the feeling, as I have eaten an all vegan diet for many years of my life and 6 of them all raw, mostly fruit, etc. I feel so light and connected to spirit when I am eating like this, so I want everyone around me to do so too and feel this way.

      I choose to live in Damanhur where there are a few people who eat vegan or vegetarian and many more who eat an omnivore diet, because for me it’s more important to choose a community based on the hearts and souls of the people and what we do together, and not dietary choices, which can have many different influences and variables over time and is ultimately an individual choice. Choosing to not live here because there are omnivores seems just as extreme as if they chose to not accept me in the community because I eat vegan.

      Even though I may not choose to nourish myself with many animal products, I find it a very trasformative and ‘spiritual’ exercise to live with people who do and offer love and acceptance, sample the foods they make and eat as an act of love.

      Compared to when I got here six years ago, there is a lot more awareness of diet and its effect. Some people are eating more vegetarian and vegan foods, others are juicing and fasting and eating superfoods. To change culture, I need to be in contact with all people, not just those who are like me, to serve as inspiration or example. It doesn’t help to avoid people because they are different, that only confirms the prejudice that ‘vegan’ is an extreme and inflexible way of being.

      By the way, if you want to find a vegan / raw community, I know there are many beautiful ones in the world. And if you want to come visit Damanhur, you are welcome to my nucleo where I cook delicious vegan dinners on Fridays!

      con te!

  5. I wass suggested this blog by my cousin. I’m not sure
    whether this post is written by him as no one else know such detailoed about my problem.

    You are wonderful! Thanks!