My search for the Sacred Grail

Jan 24, 13 My search for the Sacred Grail

Since I was born, and I remember myself, I have always desired to be accepted by others. I liked very much being in a group and being accepted by other friends (peers) as a welcomed presence, possibly of precious value. Sometimes I did it, but in many periods of my life I suffered loneliness, incomprehension.

For many years, I often fought for common ideals, for respect of the rights of every human being. The idea of equality, of sharing something greater, was for me a great feeling, driving, essential.

I was never able to live in a community until I decided to go and live in Damanhur. It was a difficult choice because I left a lot of loved ones, yet it was a conscious choice. I have never regretted it, although it is not easy to live in large groups. Here we find a lot of nice and funny people, full of life, but also others who do not feel in tune with us. Living in a community is like being born, or reborn.

Sacred is everything that each of us can transform into sacred. It succeeds when others do the same, in perfect harmony with our being and with every individual. It is true that Sacred is what is connected to divinity, but the divine part for me is only half of the Sacred. We are the other half of Sacred, when we express consciousness and will and we find the energy – that fire that recreates the Sacred in this world, which is otherwise so cold.

For this reason, our community is Sacred because it’s we who, every day, make it Sacred. We are aware that Sacred can abandon us at any time, and that is why we struggle with joy, precisely to keep it close to us.

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