Popolo Spirituale: We Invite You

Mar 19, 13 Popolo Spirituale: We Invite You
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Popolo Spirituale di DamanhurWe hope that your year has started off wonderfully and that you share our desire to do many things together this year that will bring new Light and Consciousness to our world. We are pleased to invite you to a few activities for the members of the Popolo Spirituale which will strengthen our connection. Some activities will be held here at Damanhur and others you can follow from home.


This year, there will be two programs for members of the Popolo Spirituale, one in April and one in August

Three days in the Sacred Woods

Summer week in the Aval region and the Ritual Photo of the Popolo Spitrituale

These gatherings provide a space for you and other members of the Popolo Spirituale to unite and enter into deeper contact with the reality of Damanhur, sharing moments, dreams and projects with Damanhurian citizens. Damanhur is a complex reality composed of more than 20 nucleo houses grouped together into regions specialized for different functions. It’s like a body with many organs. By participating in these programs, the people of the Popolo Spirituale can experience what it means to be a group with common goals, to develop social and spiritual communities that characterize each region of Damanhur and participate first hand different projects at Damanhur.


Circuit in the Sacred WoodsSACRED WOODS: APRIL 26 – 29

For three days, we will dive into the magic of the Sacred Woods above the Temples of Humankind. The forest consists of three nucleo families living in spiritual contact with the plant world. In the forest there are many circuits that are energetically activated to interact with the subtle body, reordering and increasing sensitivity while helping create internal harmony. The circuits are activated to different functions related to the health and development of perceptions and the human potential.

During these three days you’ll learn about the Sacred Woods and stone circuits, walking laberinths and spirals for meditation in motion. You’ll also participate in community life – the care of the forest – eating together with the families and experiencing contact with the magical world of the Sacred Grove.

Saturday evening we will meet for a chat together, listening to stories from the inhabitants of the forest. On Sunday morning, you will participate in the Ritual of the Popolo Spirituale, Damanhur Get, inside the Temples of Humankind. Then there will be Family lunch in the woods, and in the afternoon you’ll spend the day taking care of the forest. Dinner with the family wraps up the day!

Cost: 170 euros, food and lodging included.

The evening of April 25th will be the Oracle of Damanhur, the Full Moon Ritual. If you would like to participate, let us know and plan to arrive a day early.


Saeta reaches for tastier leavesAVAL: August 26 – September 2

The region of Aval focuses on research in the field of food self-sufficency and renewable energy, as well as international hospitality. By participating in this program, you’ll be inserted in the heart of these projects and will visit the core communities to share life experiences and knowledge. There will also be a day trip for the whole group organized by the Game of Life, the organization that promotes constant renwal and transformation in Damanhur. Throughout the week, you will also attend the ritual of the Popolo Spirituale, Damanhur Get, the ritual photo of the Popolo Spirituale, Damanhurian New Year’s Eve and the ritual of the Falco Stellare.

Cost: 350 euros, food and lodging included.


At the end of each program, there will be a gathering to reflect together on how to best put to use our talents to improve our lives and be an active element in the reawakening of humanity. Accommodations for this program will be in shared rooms. If you would like to have a single room, let us know when you register. Please note that there will be an extra charge.

To participate in this programs or for more detailed information, contact us.


We invite you to visit the
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Write about your experiences, impressions, why you joined, what the Popolo Spirituale means to you, what you are doing in your town… connect through mutual storytelling. The blog is brand new and will be our tool to grow our creative connection – every contribution is valuable! GO NOW


To be part of the Popolo Spirituale means to share ideals and create models of life in touch with our common dream: the reawakening of Humanity.

So… share share share your experiences in the blog, in your city or in Damanhur.

If you need anything, we are always with you

Let’s stay connected!

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