In time travel, does time run faster or slower?

Apr 29, 13 In time travel, does time run faster or slower?

The youth of the Damanhur Middle School interviewed Falco for Qui Damanhur Ragazzi, a self-produced journal made by the students themselves. Here is the first of a series of their questions and Falco’s answers. Enjoy!

Ares (5th grade): In time travel, real time runs faster or slower?

Falco: Subjectively, it runs at the same speed, objectively it is different. You do time travel, you’re away for a week, and two hours have passed. However, you have lived for a week in another place, so you can be aged by that amount of time. They are not similar. And sometimes the return is not from the same place. In some cases, it is possible to return to the same place and almost in the same time. In other cases, sometimes further ahead or behind, and there, even larger science fiction problems come about.