A world on the brink of a great awakening

May 08, 13 A world on the brink of a great awakening

Fernando came to Damanhur from Mexico last September, bringing with him ancient knowledge which he had been entrusted by his elders to share with Damanhur – saying that Damanhur was prepared to understand and use this gift. An unassuming man in his thirties, Fernando was to outward appearances just another middle class Mexican from Mexico City, although in reality an extremely gifted shaman with developed powers of telepathy and with penetrating insights, as this interview amply demonstrates. He had been living an ordinary urban life, he explained, when native American elders living outside the city “saw” the light of his [evolved] consciousness and came to look for him – and found him in a sprawling metropolis of twenty million inhabitants.

In the interview graciously given to Simona only an hour before leaving Damanhur for the airport, Fernando talks with impressive fluency, presenting some key ideas: that of the slumberers and those like us who may be waking up spiritually and need to nudge others into waking; and that of watching for the moment – acechar el momento – a vivid way of explaining the spiritual warrior’s need for impeccability, for zen-like flexibility. This was something that, off record, he stressed Damanhurians also needed to learn and digest more deeply. It’s significant that Falco and other Damanhurian observers are saying this same thing at this moment. He reports on the chaotic state of the urban world, subservient to virtual – that is, non-existent – money and dominated by artificial clock time that sets the pace for so much pointless activity. Yet another gem in this interview, finally, is the story of the whales that Fernando connected with telepathically, and their very telling message to mankind at this moment of great change.

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