Will we ever be able to understand infinity?

May 10, 13 Will we ever be able to understand infinity?

The youth of the Damanhur Middle School interviewed Falco for Qui Damanhur Ragazzi, a self-produced journal made by the students themselves. Here is the first of a series of their questions and Falco’s answers. Enjoy!

SIN (8th grade): Will we ever be able to understand the concept of infinity?

Falco: Maybe. It changes depending on the era and culture. Various civilizations have always thought that they understood it, usually from a philosophical point of view, because it cannot be measured, only imagined. Tomorrow, we could find out that our branch of space is only one of 100 billion possible ones. So, you need to multiply by 100 billion galaxies, stars, etc. Conceptually, our mind is able to do it, not to measure it but to imagine it, yes. The fastest speed that exists is that of the imagination, which doesn’t get you anywhere, but you really can think about reaching the edge of the galaxy, it’s not as if you went there. … But maybe you can, and this is called alchemy. When I imagine it, a part of me has reached it. But that’s another matter entirely.