One of my favorite magical items!

Jun 19, 13 One of my favorite magical items!


I clearly remember the time i got my first Damanhurian pentacle “The Power Shield”
I went to the Oro crea  shop in Damanhur crea. Full of anticipation of finally getting a selfically activated  object. Tricheco (Walrus) was in the shop, a skinny man with a huge grey mustache and small glasses to see the tiny details of his masterful craftsmanship.


He showed me three different qualities of the shield. Metal, silver and gold and explained me that after being prepared, these shields have the function of attracting synchronic events, protection from negative energies and protecting the aura  of people practicing astral travel with the added bonus that I could now personally activate and walk select spirals and circuits!.

So I picked one, waited 5 to 10 minutes while Tricheco took the item to the back room to magically activate it to the frequency of my name and date of birth. I got a red chord to hang it around my neck, paid the smiling man and went out under the baking midsummer sun… I paused for a short while with my eyes closed to savour the moment, took a deep breath and let the chord with my first magical item slide over my neck.



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