My friend the tree

Jul 06, 13 My friend the tree

Sitting in the far corner of Damjl I am with my favourite tree. The sun shines brightly and the birds sing their precious song, and my friend the tree flutters her leaves to show she is with me. Her branches reach out to my face and gently caress my cheek with her bright green feathers. I feel love. This morning’s rainfall shuffles off her leaves and onto my lap, catching some of my hair as it gently drifts down on the breeze.  She is sharing her water with me. We are connected. We are one.

At Damanhur trees are seen as the antennas of the energies shared with the sacred spaces. Each nucleo (community) has a greeting tree to maintain this connection with the humans that inhabit the space. There is important work being done with the trees by Damanhurians, and all over the world. Read more here