A Labyrinth of Mirrors

Sep 27, 13 A Labyrinth of Mirrors

Outward Fractals of Soul

Me, and Me, and Me

or you, all of us

walking in the stream of time

a meditation on the best within us

where are we going to

do we understand where we have been?

Grasping lines of curving space

seeing only lit windows here and there

the lights in time, we call deities face

sometimes struggle not to forget you

knowing what the races of being

upon the earth have come to know

a gracious dance of wonderment

a silent book telling tales of knowledge

through a life everlasting

they will talk of you, and so you live forever

every human being a force of light and time

united in one breath, one song, universe

to the tempo of such grand affairs

arising in a spiral dance, of all

that can be achieved as we

floating through the deep abyss

dancing on a pearl of deep and gentle blues

all the music of the race

the poetry of those who must dance

don’t realize their natural grace

expressing themselves in each moment

forgiven like each destiny

whether to achieve or run away

no matter to the synchronicity

of time collapsing, fractal dancing

like the ways we move upon the earth

through lighted window panes.

A light divine, colored gently

by the cultures we have come to love

A light gets broken into many colors

so much expression just to lead us home

for now, enough to see the faces

each a part, a whole, a part

changing endlessly through time on earth

the time

the time of heaven

the time of great inspiration is at hand

by “Henochius Simon”

Dreams become reality when others see themselves reflected in them.  Can you see your beliefs reflected in the Labyrinth in the Temples of Humankind?  Contribute to the Falco Memorial Fund and you help the continued realization of this dream.