Where is my Popolo?

Oct 25, 13 Where is my Popolo?

Do you ever feel the need for community connection and inspiration? Have you found a place that feels like coming home after 7 years? Anna shares her gratitude after a special program for the Popolo Spirituale of Damanhur:

When I read the invitation to the Sacred Woods, I felt really called personally. And it was like coming home. (I haven’t been in Damanhur for 7 years.) The group was so harmonious and even when the weather wasn’t very “Italian,” I enjoyed every moment. The Damanhurians were open and answered all our questions. I felt so welcome and they took care of my meals with care. I got a lot of allergies, again many thanks to everyone who cooked! And because it rained, we spent an afternoon with the Music of the Plants. It was so hamonious and my wish to “work” with the plants has become a lot stronger.

Thank You Mila for your organization and love and friendship!

With love and light and a big hug,



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