It’s the new moon. What are you going to do?

Oct 31, 13 It’s the new moon. What are you going to do?

Following the standard calendar and going through my regular routines, sometimes I feel like I am living the same day or week over and over again. How can I stop letting life slip by like this and feel the specialness of each moment, sense the natural rhythm of time, cycles and seasons?

I find that paying attention to the moon and doing monthly rituals are important to feel the passage of time, to value the events that have taken place between one moon and the next. Just as the Rite of the Oracle marks the full moon at Damanhur, the Damanhur Get monthly ritual marks the new moon.

Damanhur Get monthly takes place this coming Saturday evening in the Temples of Humankind and is open to the Popolo Spirituale. Contact the Damanhur Welcome Center to participate.  During the summer months, this ritual is held at the Open Temple at Damjl. Through this ritual, we offer the achievements of the Popolo from the preceding month and set the energy for the coming month to more effectively reach our desired objectives. This is also a ritual to receive inspiration about oneself and personal and collective projects through the fire present in the center of the hall.Capturing the moments

The ritual is concluded with everyone placing their ‘Popolo bracelets’ on their heads for one minute as a symbol of connection to the Popolo and its divine forces. This happens Saturday November 2 at about 8:30 pm in Italy – synchronize with your own Popolo bracelet!



Do you have a monthly new moon ritual? Full moon? Let us know in the comments below!