Have typical New Year’s Eve parties lost their spark?

Nov 20, 13 Have typical New Year’s Eve parties lost their spark?


Have typical New Year’s Eve parties lost their spark? They have for me. Noisy and alcohol-saturated gatherings on New Year’s don’t really appeal to me anymore.

I’ve had all kinds of New Year’s Eve experiences: Las Vegas dinner show saturated with glitter, feathers and extravagance. An elegant yet absurd costumedĀ  karaoke party in a luxury townhouse. Celebrating with traditional music performance, song and dance in an indigenous village of Chiapas revolutionaries in southern Mexico. Even a quiet night at home in the suburbs, falling asleep before midnight and half-waking to the sound of fireworks going off around the neighborhood.

Painting in communityThe most enchanting and magical of them all has been communing with Damanhurians and friends from around the world in service, art and ritual during the Midnight Action event in the underground Temples of Humankind. This is where I will be for New Year’s Eve 2013. That’s really all I want to close out my year: simply being with community. Being in a space of action and creativity. Giving space to spirit and reflection. Receiving energy for the upcoming year and sending well wishes all over the world through the Synchronic Lines.

Music and paintingThis is the way we ‘typically’ celebrate New Year’s at Damanhur, though I realize that going into a massive underground temple in a mountain in Italy to have artistic and ritual experiences alongside a bunch of smiling spiritual warriors with animal and plant names is anything but mundane.



Want a different kind of New Year’s Eve adventure? Join us for Midnight Action December 31! Click here for information and registration.


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