Do dinosaurs have a divine spark?

Dec 02, 13 Do dinosaurs have a divine spark?


Here are Falco’s thoughts on the question, from a public Thursday serata talk: There are many life forms that have developed for thousands of years. The dinosaurs – the large reptiles – have dominated the planet for 150 million years…Various living species adapt themselves to the ecological niches that they can live in. Our species is capable of manipulating the environment, space, and other species to such a degree that we can create ecological niches where they didn’t exist before. We could live in space or in the ocean; we can constantly create adaptations and new conditions. However, we need to see how we can use these changes, how we employ the concept of our awareness. A divine spark is maintained as long as it has fuel, and the fuel is represented by the questions that we can ask. Anyhow, in the epoch of the great reptiles, some species would have certainly adapted its own divine spark to its environment, to its space.


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