Best slumber party ever.

Dec 04, 13 Best slumber party ever.


I remember the excitement and giddiness I used to feel when I was a kid and spent the night at my best friend’s house. The sense of joyful camaraderie and playful creation. Getting out of my routine and normal surroundings. Staying up late at night in adventures of our own making.

That kind of enchantment sometimes gets completely lost in the responsibilities of adult life, though I found it again when I participated in Contact with the Cosmos in the Temples of Humankind This popular experience is kind of like a mystical slumber party in the Temples.


Astral Travel: Simon shares some of his excitement and insight from connecting with the spheres during his Contact with the Cosmos night:

My deepest practical desire in the Temples was to meditate in front of the sphere in the Blue Temple and the ones inside the Hall of Spheres. This happened, and I had no idea that this was exactly the experience provided for by the Contact program. As a magician, I have always been extremely skeptical of loosely-called ‘spirit communication,’ and yet I have never received such direct and effortless communication as I did in the Hall of Spheres. Here are some of my intuitions from that night…

At the dawn of our countless ages, there was the future, and you were there. Together we danced below the stars, before there was the kind of mind that saw light in objectivity. This kind of original perfection; kept far away from the earth you now know. Perceive with us, and trust what little memory is now accessible to you.  You are so free, and your project on the little earth is so beautiful, so artistic…

Hall of SpheresStare directly into the real. It comes only from what you cannot see, touch, taste, smell, feel or think or anything. It is all things here, and all things happening, and nothing and everything and at all. Beyond even Damanhur and conceptions of Galactic light. Now more than ever, stare directly into the real, merge, dissolve, become one, unite, and then, just simply go. Be free, and Be.



The next Contact with the Cosmos takes place December 21, the night of Winter Solstice when the planetary forces are aligned and the Synchronic Lines a channel of galactic insight.