I love Damanhurian music

Dec 13, 13 I love Damanhurian music


Let’s just say that when I was born, it was surely to rock music. Having spent a lifetime working in record stores, as a DJ, as a sound engineer and listening to every genre imaginable in the world of sound, the first thing that came to my mind when I heard Damanhurian music was that it’s what could be expected from a spiritual community: a choir, some shabby recordings from the 70’s and 80’s with simple drum machine sounds and weird out-of-proportion mixing. Now, after three years in the Damanhurian community, I can truly say, “I LOVE DAMANHURIAN MUSIC!”

Why? First of all, I now understand more of the endless depths from which Damanhurian culture arrives. Also, much of the music is sung in Sacred Language. A mystical language with magic values and incredible oirgins. The intense lyrics speak about historical events like the reawakening of the Goddess for the sake of creating a new planetary spiritual ecosystem. The struggle of the archetypical hero “Anansal” is based on Falco’s poem about how to fight the enemy within with joy, friendship and laughter, becoming an avatar and merging the Masculine and Feminine principles. The intimate experiences of how a magical and inter-dimensional reality unfolds are recounted in classic songs like “The Viaggio (The Voyage)” or the absolutely packed-with-magic Hymn of Damanhur, “Re d’Amore (King of Love).” This song gives deep insight into the Damanhurian story and different planes of existence. It takes time to understand the first levels of hyper-profound-knowledge which have since been revealed and that I have come to love.

Not to mention the world famous Music of the Plants which has blown people’s minds and sensitized them to plant consciousness for decades.

Coro di DamanhurThe Damanhur Choir has developed to what I feel is a professional level and definitely has the potential to travel outside of Damanhur. They sing and spread the ancient mysteries of Damanhurian culture to all those who are lucky enough to experience such a true act of beauty and profound knowledge.

I myself am now taking part in various musical groups, moving from guitarist-songwriter to drummer, teaming up with the Damanhurian “Casa Ragazzi” (the teens of Damanhur) who have great musical talent and express their sentiments and experience of community life, all with the help and natural creative push and flow, living and breathing the air of the Popolo Spirituale of Damanhur.

Now I’m re-born to spirit through Damanhur music!

– Tritone –




  1. I love the music. I use toning to restore spinal and physical health.
    can you tell me what technologies you used to record the plants and then how that was transformed into the music I heard.
    what are the names of the instruments you used to record the plants
    many thanks in advance

    Walter Geursen
    aka Orah

    • Orah, hi! Toning is quite a powerful healing tool. We have a technique called Inner Harmonization that uses toning in correspondence with the chakra.

      We’ll ask our Music of the Plants researchers to answer your questions about recording and let you know what we find.

      All the best with your experimentation and healing! con te!

    • Con te Walter. The plants are using the Music of the Plants U1 device, which has been used to research communication with the plant world for many years. You can find out more about the device at http://www.facebook.com/musicoftheplants.