Why I dropped out of art school

Dec 18, 13 Why I dropped out of art school

After a year of post-grad art school at an acclaimed California fine arts institution, I left. For many reasons: One, I realized that dropping out of art school would probably give me more credibility as an artist than finishing art school. Two, something was missing. Even though I loved being in a creative and youthful community in the crux of urban culture, stimulating ideas and deadlines, critical thinking and all night crafting, I felt like there was a missing dimension. My soul craved something more, something more connected to spirit than what I perceived as the highly material and mental realm of the fine arts world.

expression of emotion and memoryI found out about Damanhur when I synchronically met a Damanhurian artist traveling in California. She told me that she lives in an artistic spiritual eco-community that uses meditative techniques to receive inspiration and visions for making art in the vast underground Temples of Humankind, dug into a mountain to honor the divinity of humanity. Wow.

Eight years later, I find myself full circle living in this community and beginning art school, again. This time, with a sacred dimension woven in, not only painting, crafting, conceptualizing… also discovering spiritual archetypes, popolo danzandosymbols and storylines in the colors and choices, using Sacred Language and Sacred Dance, tapping into a deep knowing of self through Emotional Theatre, and activating the strength of the warrior with body awareness in Damanhurian Warrior Art, opening expression through use of Sound and Voice.

It’s a new school program in the Damanhur University specially designed for those who want to unleash creative potential for inner awakening and feeding the spirit.

– Quaglia –



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