Tourism or real connection? Explore the world’s ecovillages in 2014

Dec 26, 13 Tourism or real connection? Explore the world’s ecovillages in 2014


Do you have plans to travel the world in 2014? When visiting new countries, continents or even places nearby home, within days, I get tired of roaming tourist attractions and visiting beautiful yet generic scenes. Restaurants, museums, hotels. Palaces, parks. I crave to see how people really live, how they innovate, connect with nature. What kinds of food is growing on their trees and in their gardens and what is served on the dinner table. What kind of games do the children play? What songs have been passed down for generations? I want to see the colors of the land and its fruits and feel the textures of weavings and walls.

I just got a newsletter for the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) and it reminded me that there are resources in place to guide us directly into the heart of communities and ecovillages of every continent on Earth, to have just that kind of direct, human to human, hands in the earth contact.

Being a part of Damanhur means being connected into this global village of peace and earth conscious living.

From permaculture in the Philippines

to the Aboriginals of Australia

Biodiversity in Sri Lanka

Sustainability in Turkey

Global Campus in Palestine

Pilgrimage for Truth and Trust in Israel

An earth-based spiritual community, transformational living and learning center in Nicaragua

Huehuecoyotl Ecovillage in Mexico

Nature wisdom from a permaculture teacher in Malawi

Native American Circle Way Village in the USA

Friends from Togo, West Africa

The Chinese ecovillage ‘The Second Home of Lifechanyuan’ near Chuxiong, Yunnan province is threatened by local authorities and attacks. Read the story here.



Do you live in a community or ecovillage? Have you been to one recently? Tell us what’s happening … comment below and share links!




  1. Dear Friends.
    Good idea to visits ecovillages in various countries. Do this already for a view years. The weekend of 10/11 jan. is a gathering of dutch ecovillages on the Vlierhof (in Germany near Nijmegen).
    Henry Mentink

    • Henry,

      We love welcoming people to Damanhur who are passionate about discovering ecovillages! Let us know the next time you are traveling this way. Thanks for sharing about the January gathering at Vlierhof. Hope it’s a fun and inspiring time!

      con te!