Top 7 things I like about Damanhur #7

Jan 25, 14 Top 7 things I like about Damanhur #7

lebaj_gea_create_sustenibility copySATURDAY . CREATE SUSTAINABILITY

The final article in my series “Top 7 things I like about Damanhur!” It’s last but not least.

7. Ecological and ethical practices

Damanhur is built on the fundamental principle of ecological harmony and sensitivity. Going so far as┬árecomposing and completing an entirely new planetary Divine ecosystem, known as the “Triad” in 2001 takes the idea and sense of ecology to a whole new level.

As a community, we intend to improve our relationship with the ecosystem surrounding us. We value increasing self-sufficiency and being consciously aware of the preciousness of the living planetary and galactic system which we are a small part of. This was a big change for me. Going from living in a system where you see all kind of chemicals in your food in the supermarket, strange mixtures of processed GMO foods with seductive packaging and meat from suffering animals brought in from regions where workers are paid and treated unfairly… to living in a place where we strive to grow everything organically within the communities at “zero kilometers” distance from garden to table, and the things that we are still unable to produce, we can buy locally at Tentaty, the natural foods cooperative at Damanhur Crea. It’s all great fun going from being a city kid to trying out life as a Cowboy or starting up your own gardens with my friends and family members of my nucleo.

Not only do we experiment with sustainable living, we also welcome people from all over the world who want to learn best practices for how build a successful ecovillage. To find out about Ecovillage Design Education and other ecological educational programs at Damanhur…Contact us!

– Tritone –

Tritone is a 30 year old web designer, musician, forest caretaker, builder, ex New Life, and now an “A” citizen of Damanhur, who works hard and long hours to sustain and realize the dream of a free Humanity.


How can you increase access to locally grown, organic foods where you live? Community gardens? Other ideas? Share with us, comment below!


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  1. Dondi /

    The top things I like about Damanhur are sense of purposeful, joyous community and the loving art around the community and especially the amazing temples and meditations. #bookcontest!

    • Hi Dondi! Thanks for sharing your personal ‘Top’ list! Our reasons are all slightly different, though our love for Damanhur unites us. Good luck! Con te.


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