Dreaming in sacred spaces

Mar 16, 14 Dreaming in sacred spaces

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Do you ever wonder what it’s like to sleep and dream in an active temple space? Seems like something that used to happen in temples of ancient Egypt or Greece or the Middle East, though it’s within the realm of possibility in the here and now. Gertrude from Vienna, Austria tells about a special night of receiving sacred messages in her Selfic Cabin.

My Selfic Cabin is not far from where I live. A few days ago, I felt called to it, and despite the cold and stormy weather, I left home to go to the Cabin. I got there at midnight and I immediately went to sleep surrounded by all the paintings. paintingsDuring the night, I had very intense dreams.

In the dreams, I received a huge amount of information. I was exhilarated but also worried about not remembering anything because it was a truly immense amount of messages. Several times I said to myself, “It’s too much! I can’t remember it all.” Still in the dream, I undressed and at one point, my gaze turned to my thighs, and I saw that they were completely covered with colorful magical symbols of various sizes. I felt relieved because it made me realize that inside of me, everything was written and memorized. With this inner certainty, I woke up in the morning and happily went back home.




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