Selfica book contest winner chosen!

May 02, 14 Selfica book contest winner chosen!

In the month of April, we held a contest for winning a free Selfica book, with entries via comments on the Damanhur blog and Facebook page.

We are so grateful to those who participated with all the wonderful comments! So much amazing feedback came through, we decided to give away two Selfica books instead of one!

In true synchronic Damanhur style, we chose the winners by doing a Book of Synchronicity reading.

The first winner is Ginny with the winning synchronic message 5354 – Fortune. Favorable enterprise. Intuition. Creation. Rewarded initiative – Contagious positive attitudes.

The second winner is Dondi with the winning synchronic message 5623 – Shyness. Insecurity. Greater determination. Precision that becomes fussiness. The determined person accepts risks, after weighing things. – Throw away the mask you usually wear, with everyone.

Ginny and Dondi, please contact with your mailing address and we’ll get the books sent to you!


You can do your own Book of Synchronicity readings online and order the book by clicking here.

Do you want a copy of Spirals of Energy: The Ancient Art of Selfica? Click here to order.

As gratitude for your contest entry and valuable contribution, we are giving a free book to everyone who entered! A Day in the Life in Damanhur by Stambecco Pesco. If you entered the contest and haven’t gotten the PDF book download yet, let us know at


Stay in touch via the Damanhur blog, Newsletter and Facebook page for future contest giveaways. Thank you and con te!





  1. Doug /

    I wish I knew about this. Whenare you going to do another one?