Hamurdan circus theatre returns

May 16, 14 Hamurdan circus theatre returns

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The Damanhurian circus theatre show “Hamurdan” written and directed by Arciere Aglio was performed for the first time in April of 2005, capturing the mood of that period in a playful spirit. It has recently been performed again in April 2014 at Damanhur Crea, with many of the original actors and performers and some new and surprising additions, including the Hamurdan 6participation of several New Life citizens. The script was edited to include references from current Damanhurian life, with touching moments and deep emotion, also because the show speaks as a metaphor for Falco Tarassaco’s passing. Nine years ago, the show was intended to regain a sense of enchantment and preciousness about our lives, helping us to keep moving forward, toward dreams that may seem difficult or even impossible at times. Representing it again in 2014 means confronting situations that are quite different, sometimes challenging, yet still as alive as ever.


Here’s a description of the Hamurdan plot as shared with audience members:

Hamurdan 1“On a windy night, someone has come back to stay in the coach of the illusionist and humorist magician Balabral, recently passed away. Balabral was the founder of the famous circus (with no animals), Hamurdan, which is still in business. While the artists of the company (with bizarre names), do their best to get by, they also wonder about the future. There are those who have decided to continue bringing the circus with its art, magic, and messages to the world. There are those who are chasing personal dreams, considering if they will leave and go back to their jobs and normal lives. There are those who remember Balabral, a mythical figure, with affection, gratitude and a bit of sadness.


Despite the friendships that bind them and the many quality numbers they perform, there are doubts and uncertainties about the fate that awaits them. Who will direct the circus now? Who is or who are the heir(s)? What will happen now, without Balabral? The show must go on, and the intrepid performers find themselves in the small town of a remote valley, sharing moments of joking and laughter, high hopes, disappointment and distrust, confusion and unexpected injuries. Meanwhile, the coach shines with its mysterious blue lights… Who knows what will become of the Circus Hamurdan?”


The artists of Circus Hamurdan are:
Aringa – Colombina, acrobatHamurdan 2

Bombo Guaranà – Imitron, mime and The Woman in White, a mysterious figure

Cervo Volante Ginepro – Cotoletta Fagioli Eolo, circus hand

Cormorano Sicomoro – Guglielmino Fasulet, aka Stoccafisso, the ringleader

Gambero Finocchio Selvatico – Piattola, a clown

Ghiottone – Alcide, the talking horse (part 1)

Kevin – Jean Gibigian, juggler

Merinos Timo Serpillo – Celestino Labestia, strongman

Neftj – Filù, ballerina

Ondina Calla – Yvonne Voulovant, human cannonball

AyotoOrso Senape – Don Juan Osvaldo Flambero Calderon, aka “El Putagè,” fire eater

Quaglia Cocco – Ayoto Kome-Co-Chen, fire dancer

Rospo Fico – Torcicollo, clown

Sargon – Alcide, the talking horse (part 2)

Zebù Crescione – Kinkajù, acrobat

Snàporaz – pianist

Hamurdan 7

The musicians in the band Blatte Balde:
Marco Burci
Sarago Palissandro
Scimpanzè Posidonia





Circus Life. Community Life. Is it so different? Discuss… in the comments below.




  1. Quaglia Cocco /

    Running away with the circus vs. moving into a community was a reality for me! As I was on a years-long travel adventure, I visited a friend who was in Macau overseeing the construction of the Cirque du Soleil theatre in the soon to be opened Venetian hotel and casino (spitting image of Venice… but so new and clean). When I met one of his friends who worked for Cirque, and when he found out I was a fire dancer, he encouraged me to audition for the show that would debut at the Macao Cirque theatre when it was complete and then tour around Asia. So… fire dancing in a circus performance in a theatre surrounded by Venetian gondolas in the Chinese version of Las Vegas… or Damanhur citizenship. I chose Damanhur. I had no idea that this other timeline would wrap back around and weave in so seamlessly… magic, synchronicity. Quaglia Cocco aka Ayoto

  2. Marco /

    With circus you have this feeling like if things are good or not good, you just all stay together through anything and keep traveling, keep putting on the show, Hamurdan sounds like this. Maybe Damanhur is like this too. I think communitiy is about this. staying togeher

  3. Here are some additional photos of the Circus Hamurdan, by Gianluca Scolaro https://www.behance.net/gallery/16457429/HAMURDAN-CIRCUS


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