Popolo Spirituale: How Are You?

Jun 05, 14 Popolo Spirituale: How Are You?
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Con voi, dear friends of the Popolo Spirituale.


How are you doing?

I write to you on behalf of Damanhur, to be in touch with you, hear what you have been doing and how you are feeling.


Have you been to Damanhur recently? How was your journey here?

What ideas might you have, regarding your experience in the Popolo Spirituale?

Have you been able to connect your activities with the projects and opportunities that Damanhur offers?


Some of you may live near a Damanhur Center and perhaps you go there sometimes. How are the activities there?

Maybe you are orienting trees, doing some practices that you learned at Damanhur. If you would like to share your experiences with members of the Popolo or those who read the Damanhur blog, please send me your articles sharing about yourselves, your discoveries and experiences!


If you haven’t seen the blog section dedicated to the Popolo Spirituale, here is it!


There is also a page that explains how to be an active part of the Popolo Spirituale, even from a distance! Click here.


Working together in the Sacred WoodsHere in Damanhur, so many things are happening: The Sacred Woods are becoming ever more important for us, and we are working on new labyrinths. The Viaggio brought about some new events, and many Damanhurians have acquired animal names, plant names and beyond…

I have conquered the name Tucano (Toucan), so please call me Tucano instead of Mila!


As is tradition for many indigenous peoples, we feel that contact with the “forces of nature” is fundamental, and one of the ways we connect with nature is to receive animal and plant names. We believe that thoughts are creative energy, and having animal and plant names is a way to expand our awareness, and thus our evolutionary possibilities.


Contest for the Popolo Spirituale

for members of the Popolo Spirituale only…


Thank you for your active participation in the Popolo Spirituale! We’re holding a contest to give away one free silver Popolo bracelet (75 Euro value), generously donated by our jewelry artists at Orocrea to a winner. These bracelets have the same function as the pink thread one, and they could last a lifetime.


To enter the contest:

  1. Comment on this blog article, including your name and email address, answering the questions:What does being part of the Popolo Spirituale mean to you?
    What is your ideal way of staying connected to Damanhur? (experiences, study, information, courses, events, etc. that excite you and would motivate you to come back)


  1. Click ‘Like’ on the Orocrea Facebook


Contest deadline: June 30, 2014


We’ll choose a winner for the Popolo bracelet after the June 30th deadline and announce the winner via email. To show our gratitude to all of our Popolo, everyone who enters the contest will receive a free electronic PDF copy of “A Day in the Life in Damanhur,” a tale of 24 hours in the life of a Damanhur citizen.


If you are tired of having to replace your string bracelet, order a silver Popolo bracelet here (if you don’t win it first!) and browse the Orocrea collection online.

Good luck! Thanks for participating and being a part of our extended community of active dreamers!


I will share more news in the next newsletter, which will also include an invitation to an intensive program at the end of August during the occasion of the Photo of the Popolo Spirituale.

Damanhur Foto di Popolo 2013

You can find much more news on our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/damanhur.ms


See you soon!

Io sono con voi (I am with you)


for the Popolo Spirituale,


Damanhur newsletter


  1. To be part of the Population, mean I have a network of various wonderful beings,that I may contact when the moment appears.:-) as for Croatia some weeks ago.
    I’ll be back for periods now and then.

    • Hi Kjakji! That’s great that you are feeling so connected to your network of support. Looking forward to welcoming you back! Enjoy your travels, con te!

  2. Quentin Smith /

    Being a part of the Popolo Spirituale keeps me connected with Damanhur while I am here at the other end of the world in Tasmania.
    It helps keep the memories of my visit to Damanhur and the wonderful insights and lessons I learned there present in my mind.
    Being a part of the Popolo Spirituale gives me a feeling of connection with the lovely people I met during my visit to Damanhur.
    My wife Wambato and I have made a spiral labarinth at home and are embarking on a project inspired during our visit to Damanhur.
    To build a Retreat on our sea side property for others to visit to recover, revitalise and recuperate as we did at Damanhur.
    We look forward to the day we return to Damanhur and meanwhile remain connected through the Synchronic Lines and the Popolo Spirituale
    Grazie Quentin

    • Thank you for your comment Quentin, and for staying connected! All the best with your retreat center. We look forward to welcoming you back to Damanhur! You are also entered in the contest. Con te!


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