June 23, one year after Falco’s passing

Jun 13, 14 June 23, one year after Falco’s passing

It’s been one year since Falco Tarassaco has passed away. It’s an event that has impacted all of us in our hearts and in our lives. He departed the physical plane last year during the Rite of the Oracle of June 23, 2013.

From the waves of grief and shock from the initial impact of the loss – all the while doing our best to maintain optimism and smiles – we have moved through the gradual evolution of changes and adjustments over the year that have led us to this moment.

We are making a conscious and collective effort do what Falco wished for Damanhur. He expressed this wish in so many ways, in so many messages: be kind with each other and live in a spirit of love and unity, as a unique interconnected being which in Damanhur we call the ‘Superindividual.’ Recognizing his spirit and our own in each of our spiritual brothers and sisters, we look into each others eyes and sense a deep soul connection, beyond the everyday conflicts and tensions that may arise. We continue to dream big, move forward with projects, launch new initiatives and take on responsibilities for Damanhur, each one of us seeking and living our personal mission, expressing our talents, sharing the teachings and experiences of Damanhur with the world. Choosing to be a light of inspiration for others.

Falco, 1950-2013, and the Popolo Spirituale

On Monday, June 23, 2014, initiates of the School of Meditation in Damanhur will gather for our weekly meeting, joined by initiates from all over the world who are here for the Summer Solstice ritual. On this day, we will remember Falco Tarassaco with deep gratitude for the knowledge he shared with us – gratitude for encouraging us to explore and understand the mystical nature of the universe and make it concrete in our lives, through Damanhur, through creation, action and awareness, with an open heart. 


Thank you Falco Tarassaco…

may your journey be peaceful and filled with light.






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