Astrology Forecast July 2014

Jul 01, 14 Astrology Forecast July 2014

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Grand triangles between the water signs*

On July 13, Mercury enters into Cancer, followed by Venus on July 18.
On July 16, Jupiter enters Leo and the Sun will arrive there on July 23.
On July 26, Mars enters Scorpio, and what matters most is that it is leaving Libra after more than seven months in that sign.
Saturn and Uranus are in a perfect state of quincunx (slightly beneficial) throughout the month, Saturn in the middle of Scorpio, and Uranus in the middle of Aries.
Neptune is still at 7° Pisces and Pluto at 12° Capricorn, while Chiron is at 17 ° Pisces, so it becomes the active point of some great celestial triangles for the entire month. Together with Saturn, it is the base for passages of the Sun, Mercury and Venus from 10° to 22° Cancer: The Sun, from early July until July 15. Mercury from July 21-28. Venus from July 27 to August 7.
As elements of tension, we have the square between Mars and Jupiter for the entire month, and that of Uranus which is activated at the transition between 12° and 20° Cancer (Sun from July 5-13, Mercury from July 22-27, Venus from July 27-August 4).
Another element of general contrastduring the month is the opposition of Pluto in Capricorn.
So, the main element of the month is the complete dissolution of the grand celestial cross, which was the fundamental characteristic determined by the long stay of Mars in Libra.

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This chart refers to the time of the full moon July 12, when Damanhur celebrates the Rite of the Oracle.


* The Elements

Fire signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Air signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Aries – The strong energy charge that you can make use of and the realistic vision of your future scenarios, may be significantly affected by a base nervousness, which will stay with you in July. On and off, you may become quarrelsome, easily irritable and discontinuous regarding relationships with others, in daily dynamics.

Taurus – Maybe this time, a sense of isolation that has affected you forseveral months… may largely depend on yourself, because in July, there are no shortage of prospects for being more enterprising and dynamic. Your way of doing things benefits from many supports and favorable conditions, so you could easily shake off excess reservedness or shyness and be more confident in expressing your qualities, in relationship dynamics in more professional fields, and through kindness and a developed artistic sense.

Gemini – The major planets are gradually moving away from your sign, though they are still supporting the positive and bright period that is distinguishing you. Perhaps you are feeling a little less imaginative, but the quality of finding original ideas is still active, and this can allow you to continue quickly toward the previously seen or chosen horizons, without significant changing of the winds.

Cancer – One after another, reinforcements arrive to your sign, so as to get rid off any impediment caused by previous fears or too sudden changes in your mood. As good Cancerians, you will definitely have some things about which you are not fully satisfied, especially because of possible mishaps or last minute unexpected events, but with brilliant characteristics and a good dose of luck, which you have now, you will easily recuperate the right optimistic and engaging mood, which is your trump card.

Leo – The Jupiter-Mars square, which continues throughout the month, concerns you directly, but only for those born in the first few degrees of the sign, that is, those born in July. You may feel some kind of discomfort, dissatisfaction or at least a kind of conflict with the surrounding environment, while still having energy to do so many things. Do not be extremists, it’s not necessary. Instead, concentrate – like all the other Leos – on the numerous opportunities that you are able to activate, thanks to your strength, energetic charge and inventiveness that make you original and capable of seizing achievements in public arenas or performances.

Virgo – You should be finishing the super-critical phase, which always finds fertile ground in you. Now it is simply time to unsheathe the seemingly lighter weapons of your sympathy and wit, readiness of spirit and realism, to unite them with your remarkable ability to concretely plan your next period (even long-term plans), with the quality of being able to balance logic and feeling, to proceed much more quickly than before.

Libra – Finally Mars takes away the discomfort, disactivating a form of deep aggression. In this month, most likely you cannot fully recover your proverbial balance yet, because the passing ofthe fast planets in Cancer tend to make you more nervous than usual. Also on the emotional level and with friendships, this does not seem the most suitable time to resolve something.

Scorpio – July may represent an important step for you, a kind of heightened awareness of your nature, your motivations, and a deep understanding of so many things about you. Do not be afraid to investigate all the things that somehow attract your attention. You will know how to skillfully integrate every single event of your day, with the most far-reaching project focused on the future that little by little becomes more evident to your sensitivity.

Sagittarius – Serenity returns to your sign. It is still not the best time to start new projects, but you can recover your good mood and better equilibrium. So, new projects can be better defined, ready to take off as soon as your energy reservoir will be refilled.

Capricorn – The strongest tensions that you experienced recentlyare dissolving. Now you must have patience for more trivial things, your mood, your approach with others doesn’t seem very light. You may find yourselves too unfriendly and impatient. It is important that you maintain clarity about larger and more important projects,where you can find that sense of continuity that is so important to you.

Aquarius – You will experience some prospects for the future that seem within reach, but… at the same time, something still eludes you, in order to complete the work. Don’t be in a rush, be patient. It is only a matter of time (several months). In July, you should follow the wave of commitment and responsibility, carefully check your skills and refine your routine occupations.

Pisces – The mishaps of the previous month are already finished. Now the situation goes back to being promising and flowing. It may be good to take advantage of every moment that allows you to relax and to spontaneously express your creativity in any field. With Saturn continuing to monitor your work, without letting you get off track, you can also count on your own clarity, which will not make you go overboard in any case.


by Soffio


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