Popolo Spirituale: August Programs

Jul 08, 14 Popolo Spirituale: August Programs
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Con voi, dear members of the Popolo Spirituale!

We invite you to participate in various events in August 2014, dedicated to those who are part of the Popolo Spirituale, like you.

We hope you’ll join us!


The photo of the Popolo is a time when the bond between each member of the Popolo is strengthened, through meeting together and doing the ritual photo shoot.

In those days, you may participate in Damanhurian activities like competitions and games, experiences of various kinds… attend the community marketplace, get Damanhurian make-up done, buy Damanhurian clothes, and more.

There will be a meeting for members of the Popolo Spirituale where we will give everyone an update on what’s happening in Damanhur. We will also share about new possibilities for participation for those who are close or at a distance.

The next day, Sunday August 31st, the Damanhur Get ritual in the Temples of Humankind is open to all members of the Popolo. During the day Sunday, there will be performances and many other activities, and in the evening, the Damanhurian New Year and Falco Stellare ritual.


For those who would like to integrate in Damanhur for a week and have an experience more from the inside… this program includes the Photo of the Popolo, the Damanhur Get Ritual, New Year’s and Falco Stellare, and also much more!

The deadline for reserving space in the program is July 15, 2014. Places are limited!

This program includes:

  • Everyday life and taking part in group activities in the Sacred Woods, including participation in the creation of the ‘Tempio Vegetale’ through campus work.
  • Walking the labyrinths within the Sacred Woods in moving meditations for specific purposes. You will have lessons on the philosophical aspects related to the riunification of the Three Worlds Mother (human, plant and nature spirits), establishing a stable relationship with the intelligence of the plant world.
  • Participate in the Thursday and Friday serata meetings and all the rituals that are open to the Popolo that week.
  • Meditation in the Temples of Humankind dedicated to the deepest and most precious aspects of the self.
  • You will also spend a night in a very special area of the Sacred Woods.

During the program, you will be accompanied by a tutor/translator who will facilitate your integration in the groups. All activities will be collective, because in the Damanhurian philosophy, the group is considered an ideal dimension to grow individually.

Entering so intimately into the daily life of Damanhur will be a surprise for you and a great pleasure for Damanhurians who will welcome you into their communities, lands and projects, sharing their stories with you and experiencing them together with you – those of you who share the dream of reawakening human beings, together with us!

This program is dedicated exclusively to the members of the Popolo Spirituale!

Contest for the Popolo Spirituale

for members of the Popolo Spirituale only…

Thank you for your active participation in the Popolo Spirituale! We’re holding a contest to give away one free silver Popolo bracelet (75 Euro value), generously donated by our jewelry artists at Orocrea to a winner. These bracelets have the same function as the pink thread one, and they could last a lifetime.

To enter the contest:

  1. Comment on this blog article, including your name and email address, answering the questions:

    What does being part of the Popolo Spirituale mean to you?
    What is your ideal way of staying connected to Damanhur? (experiences, study, information, courses, events, etc. that excite you and would motivate you to come back)

  2. Click ‘Like’ on the Orocrea Facebook

Contest deadline: July 15, 2014

We’ll choose a winner for the Popolo bracelet after the July 15th deadline and announce the winner via email. To show our gratitude to all of our Popolo, everyone who enters the contest will receive a free electronic PDF copy of “A Day in the Life in Damanhur,” a tale of 24 hours in the life of a Damanhur citizen.


If you are tired of having to replace your string bracelet, order a silver Popolo bracelet here (if you don’t win it first!) and browse the Orocrea collection online.

Good luck! Thanks for participating and being a part of our extended community of active dreamers!

Living, working on and walking the labyrinths in the Sacred Woods and being in contact with the intelligences connected to the plant world of the Sacred Woods is a great opportunity. Every part of the Sacred Woods is directly connected to the halls of the Temples and the helpful forces for the reawakening of humankind who express themselves within the hall.

In this period, Damanhurians are engaged in bringing the Sacred Woods, considered the extension of the Temples of Humankind, to a new level of activation, that of a Sacred Temple. We have also worked to restore the stone labyrinths of the Sacred Woods, which can be walked in moving meditations and have different energetic activations.

Creating a Temple of the Sacred Woods is part of a larger spiritual project: bringing the three “mother” worlds closer together: the human world, the plant world and the world of nature spirits.

The practice of orienting trees is also part of this project.

Participating with us in this important project of Damanhur is a way to keep you truly connected to our most profound and spiritual aspects.

We are looking forward to welcoming you on August 25th at 3 pm when the program starts!
To register, send an email to popolo@damanur.it.

See you soon! Con voi.

For the Popolo Spirituale,


The participation fee is €450 to be sent by bank transfer when you register:




unicredit ag. vistrorio (to) Via Garibaldi 27 10080 Vistrorio TO

iban IT 96 D 02008 31210 0001 0179 1562 BIC SWIFT: UNCRITM1EG4

Memo: programma agosto Popolo Spirituale

The program includes shared rooms. Those who prefer a single room for a premium, please notify us by the 15th.

Transportation from the airport or train station to Damanhur is not included in the price of the program. Please contact us beforehand if you need prior arrangements.

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