A wish from the ancients

Aug 07, 14 A wish from the ancients

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Akita (the newly acquired animal name of Makoto), a long-time initiate in the Damanhur School of Meditaiton from Japan recently passed away at 70 years old. He lived from June 27, 1944 to July 17, 2014. Ayu of the Damanhur Tokyo group shares about Akita’s funeral:

On the 19th of July, the funeral of Akita was performed at Damanhur Tokyo Center in Toride city, which is Akita and Yamamai’s home town. The ceremony was private, so only close family members gathered. All the members of Damanhur Tokyo attended the ceremony, and also there were flowers from Fenice and Dugongo, the group ORO VELJ and ADONAJ VANEL.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA poem written by Akita was recited at the ceremony, and we were deeply impressed with his words. It was originally written for the Japanese anthology “Provarci” compiled in 2007, and from the poem, we feel the vibration of Akita’s soul resonating with our soul. We want to share this poem with all the people of Damanhur, with gratitude for all the support and love we’ve received from you…


To all the brothers and sisters living in the future, a wish from the ancients
Oh brothers and sisters, why do all the people separate heaven and earth, destroy nature and fight each other, I can’t understand.
Everything is connected, and we are just one of them.
All the things existing in this world have divine origin.
The forest with plenty of green, trees and animals with diversity, insects buzzing in shadow of the leaf…
provarciFogs covering the deep forest, a white cloud floating in the blue sky, birds soaring in the sky, everything is connected.
I am a part of heaven and earth, and heaven and earth is myself.
Just like a newborn baby follows his mother, I follow them.
Please! All the brothers and sisters living in the future, let the beautiful and sacred memories grow and be preserved.
Think about the sparkling of the stars, whispering of the winds, workings of life, and warmth of the earth!
To you, to your child, and to their children, protect and conserve their spirit, as we did love them.
Forever, please keep them forever!!!


Thank you Akita for the dignity and strength with which you have lived your life.

With great respect and loving memory,
your Damanhurian brothers and sisters





  1. Giffard Ansgar /

    Curiously, Death is such an important part of life.

    • It’s true! Death and life are part of the same wheel, the same cycle of existence and evolution. con te!

  2. Confused Phenomenon /

    If you were to die tomorrow. how would you act today?

    • This is the magic of living in the moment! The only point in time when our free will actions can really have an effect. con te!