Happy Damanhur New Year 40°!

Aug 31, 14 Happy Damanhur New Year 40°!

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Well, we had our annual ritual photo of the Popolo Spirituale yesterday at Damjl, and tonight, New Year’s Eve rituals and celebrations. Afternoon activities these days include a Horusiadi game that involves throwing corks into buckets, Sacred Language face painting, community sharing of handcrafts, Sacred Dance and a singing competition.

Here are some spontaneous portraits taken at the Open Temple before the official photo shoot (we’ll be sharing the photo of the Popolo soon!)






At a certain point right before the photo, 7 falcons appeared in the sky! A good sign.

After a buffet spread that quickly disappeared, we saw a retrospective video made by Gnomo Orzo covering 40 years of Damanhur in 6 minutes!

Damanhurian musicians performed, including the Casa Ragazzi rock band Piedi di Troll, Zigola singing backed by the Damanhur choir and Marco on drums. Zigola and Silvia sang a new English langauge rendition of ‘The King of Love,’ and the evening closed out with the classic version of this Damanhurian anthem: Re d’amore.

We could feel the love, emotion and unity in the air. Being together and sharing moments like these keeps the Popolo Spirituale alive and connected!



Want to make a Damanhurian New Year’s resolution? Share in the comments…




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  1. This year I’m going to read more books and spend time in nature!


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