Winter Solstice webpage rebirth

Sep 30, 14 Winter Solstice webpage rebirth

The richest kind of experience is when we make direct contact with something—be it with nature in a tranquil garden, with family and friends over the dinner table, with the divine in a sacred space like the Temples of Humankind, or with others through a smile or glance. For this reason, we are always so happy to welcome visitors, travelers, friends and members of the Popolo Spirituale here at Damanhur to share this kind of priceless in-person exchange.

These days, making a physical connection is often preceded by a virtual-digital one. The Internet has become a powerful global tool for establishing connections. At Damanhur, we love to live in the moment and help to change the world for the better through practical, material actions. We also understand the value and utility of having a strong online presence so that others can easily learn about everything that we do here, and all that we have to offer.

As I write this, our IT team is busy behind the scenes, refreshing the look and feel of the Damanhur website. The new site will go live on December 21, 2014, the Winter Solstice. It will be streamlined, updated and easier to navigate. It also represents a revolution in how Damanhur is opening up and interfacing with the world. The new site will share information, answers, explanations and anecdotes based on what we have distilled as the most precious pieces of Damanhur to share, as well as the questions and curiosities we have gathered from you over the years.

Damanhur Splashscreen

When you go to the current Damanhur webpage, you will find a splash screen announcing the new website. 
On the new site, the vast wealth our experience will be organized into 8 sectors:

Spiritual Vision
Live Community
Study with Us
Come Visit Us
Share Experiences
Art and Creativity
Create Sustainability
Research and Experimentation

Each sector will have related themes organized into categories and subcategories that dive deeper in each realm of inquiry. It will also have links to experiences, courses, meditations, visits, books and music, videos and photos, blog articles and resources of all kinds.

You may have noticed that on the blog, we’ve already been publishing articles according to the new sectors, which are linked to a particular day of the week. On the blog, specific colors and Sacred Language symbols accompany the articles and pages related to certain sectors, and the new website will do the same, creating a thread of continuity leading you on the journey of exploration and understanding.

It’s all about clarity and connectedness!

Thanks for staying with us on this journey of rebirthing our communication with the world!



What area of Damanhur would you like to explore more online, whether through the new website or the Damanhur Blog? Share in the comments!





  1. Erica /

    I’ve always wanted to know more about Synchronic Lines and rituals at Damanhur. Like how the Oracle works. Are you going to talk about that?

  2. James Jones /

    If you don’t already have it an FAQ for visitors that explains the cultural norms and how to get the most out of your time at Damanhur.

  3. Stretchy Miracle /

    Can’t wait. I’m super interested in Damanhur but it’s always hard to find some real good info on what you are doing.
    Looking forward.