Selfica dream machine

Oct 19, 14 Selfica dream machine

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At Idenciel, dreams are an important part of our spiritual development. I have been training to remember my dreams for quite some time and in doing so, working to develop the ability to get lucid while in the dream state.

Despite trying many different techniques and tricks, it wasn’t until I bought my Selfica dream machine during a weekend workshop with Ariel Guerra at Damanhur that I started seeing amazing developments with my ability to recall my dreams, in addition to many other phenomena. My dream content became much clearer, and I was able to follow clear story lines, whereas before, when I did remember my dreams, the content was always jumbled or sandwiched together into an indecipherable mess.

The other highlight was my first experience of getting lucid! I realized I was dreaming in the dream, and started looking for ways out of the dream. I didn’t manage to manipulate my reality, but I am confident that with continued practice and the help of my dream machine, I will be mastering the dream state in no time.

I am so thankful for the Selfica dream technology. I consider it extremely valuable for anyone interested in enhancing the dream experience.



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  1. Sandy /

    I don’t have that selfica yet. I got the shyness bracelet and I feel like it helps me to open my voice more, though I still get nervous when there are too many people around. how much does the dream machine cost?