Meet Damanhur. in 5 minutes

Nov 26, 14 Meet Damanhur. in 5 minutes

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So, basically the message that the Sages of Damanhur gave the “United Flame” – the newest New Life group was: We would like you to actively participate in creating something new and innovative here. Let your imagination go! You have our support.

A month later, this was the result… “Time’s Up!” An collaboration organized by the United Flame group with many Damanhurians offering their knowledge and talents. An evening of experimentation in how to share Damanhur with a international public in concise and captivating 5 minute bursts.

The evening featured Damanhurians speaking about what they love (Selfica, Music of the Plants, the University, the School of Meditation, Spiritual Physics, the Game of Life). There were also artistic interludes showcasing the creative joy of Damanhur Sacred Dance and music in Sacred Language as well. Click here to watch the whole hour long event on livestream. Also, shorter video clips are featured below.


This video is of Macaco Tamerice giving an introduction about Damanhur


This one shows Damanhur musicians singing songs in Sacred Language



If you could listen someone talk about any Damanhur topic for 5 minutes, what would you want to hear?






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