spiriTunes #5: Damanhur RIORMA

Dec 12, 14 spiriTunes #5: Damanhur RIORMA

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We’re happy to feature our first spiriTunes article about Damanhur music! At Damanhur Crea, during a gathering that featured a short DJ set, free dance and drumming, a Sacred Dance lesson and a new video on the Damanhurian art canons, we also had the joy of experiencing a new Damanhur song. The word RIORMA was coined to describe this kind of mantra-like song in Damanhur Sacred Language, sung and repeated, elaborated with verses.

Art and Creativity at Damanhur isn’t about passively consuming culture. Instead of (or in addition to) watching television, many of us do active, creative things with our ‘free time,’ so much so that ‘free time’ is thought of as ‘creative time,’ as time is a container for events to happen within, and we are always free to make those events enriching and alive, saturated with our imaginative powers.

In true Damanhur spirit, this song was a collective creation. It was written by Capra Carruba, inspired by a dream she had years ago about the reawakening of humanity. She has performed it once before in the Temples of Humankind with Formica Coriandolo, and she recently asked Zigola to support her in creating new arrangement for it. So, Zigola wrote this new rendition and performed it with Capra, along with Damanhur musicians Tritone, Albatros Finfero and Anaconda Papaya. Sacred Dancers Ara Caprifoglio and Quaglia Cocco accompanied with dance movements that transmitted the meaning of the RIORMA message.

The words of the song in Sacred Language, English and Italian are:


Listen world, listen humanity
There will be spiritual freedom in this era

Ascolta mondo, ascolta umanità
Ci sarà libertà spirituale in questa era

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  1. Nice upbeat chant, Capra and friends. Hope to sing with you when I go back to Damanhur.

    • Thanks Alice! We love sharing music, concerts, musical theater with our friends and guests. Hope you’ll be back soon to join us! con te


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