Slim as a greyhound

Mar 15, 15 Slim as a greyhound

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Seems like everyone wants eternal youth, or at least to age gracefully and beautifully. Here’s the latest testimonial for the Selfic Beauty Disk and how it can be of support:


I acquired the Selfic Beauty Disc last autumn and began to use it on my hair, which was completely white, and on my beard, which was nearly all white. Every day I moved the disc over my hair, scalp and beard in a circular motion, and continued doing that regularly. I also regularly applied pure organic coconut oil.

Now, six months later, the hair at the back of my head is turning dark – it’s no longer white. My beard also seems to be losing the old white color and a patch on both sides of the beard has turned jet black. Even the top of my head, which was bald, is beginning to sprout hair, so I have hopes of curing my baldness – with daily application of the beauty disc plus a little coconut oil.

Over the same period there has been a general rejuvenation, I would say. Certainly my figure is more streamlined, thanks to exercise and the use of the Beauty Disc. Six months ago I had a bit of a pot belly. Now that has gone, and I have a waistline that is as slim as a greyhound’s. So I am very pleased and grateful for what Selfica have done for me. And I expect great results over this coming year.