Loving water, walking water

Mar 19, 15 Loving water, walking water

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Water is an element with many dimensions. At Damanhur we celebrate it as a natural, alchemical element with altars dedicated to it on many of our lands, meditation spirals in pathways of water in the Baita and Tentyris community regions, a Hall of Water in the Temples of Humankind. We have a ritual day for honoring water once a year, just as we do for the other elements of earth, air and fire.

We honor water with poetry and practical actions on our community lands, like pond restoration projects.

water 2In a spirit of solidarity for world water movements, we share news of the Walking Water Project, sent from our friend Klaus who has lived in Tamera for 15 years…Klaus shares:

Walking Water celebrates the beauty and power of water and recognizes that water is common ground, worldwide.

In 2015, Walking Water is bringing together the voices of the many Peoples of the Eastern Sierra and Los Angeles watersheds through the act of walking together on a pilgrimage that follows the waterways—natural and man-made—between Mono Lake, Owens Valley and Los Angeles. Walking Water is an invitation, an action, an educational journey and a prayer intended to foster a reciprocal relationship among people and water.

water 1Over three years, Walking Water will complete a route stretching from Mono County to Los Angeles, from water source to end use. Phase I will take place September 1-21, 2015, and includes a combination of internet presence and on-the-ground events, presentations, relevant films and dialogues, as well as parallel events being initiated in communities in other counties and countries around the world.

The goal of Walking Water is to contribute to a vision for a cooperative, reciprocal relationship between people and nature, specifically the waters. Through pilgrimage, council—a practice of deep listening and speaking that contributes to community building, the sharing of old and new stories, the healing of differences and conflict—and associated events, this project will catalyze storytelling, knowledge sharing and the discovery of new possible directions and solutions for the future of water. It is seen as a kind of acupuncture, a local action that will ripple through the larger body of the place, the people and perhaps even the country and the world.

water 3We invite you to get connected and join us from wherever you are. You are invited to create a parallel event, bring community together, get to know local waterways, raise awareness for both the local and global water situation; to talk and walk water.

Let us know what you are walking and talking, so we can share it on the Walking Water website and connect with you from California.


email klaus@walking-water.org
website www.walking-water.org