Cafe haven with vegan options

Mar 25, 15 Cafe haven with vegan options

vel_olamj_come_visit copyWEDNESDAY. COME VISIT

After 18 hours of non stop traveling, the stress of the airport security line, eating overpriced non-organic airport food, squeezing luggage down narrow train aisles and hefting it onto the overhead luggage rack, figuring out the Italian bus schedule or crossing your fingers that your taxi driver comes on time and recognizes you… you finally arrive at Damanhur.

Arriving at DamjlNo matter how far people travel to get here, most all of our friends and guests feel a wave of relief once they arrive to Damjl (Damanhur’s central area) and sit down for a drink or something to eat at Somachandra Cafe, in the Damanhur Welcome Office area.

The Somachandra cafe staff are well aware that they are offering nourishment and comfort for often weary travelers, and they have recently expanded the variety of their offerings even more, particularly the organic line, adding several warm lunch dishes, many of them vegan, and some that take other nutritional choices and intolerances into consideration, like gluten free. The staff are also open to experimenting with special requests. For instance, for natural beverage lovers, they have added guarana and chicory to the hot drink menu, in addition to barley and ginseng which can be found in just about any Italian cafe. Chicory was often used as a coffee substitute in the World War II era, and recently, it’s become an enjoyable beverage choice for many.

With New Life participants, guests and friends coming to Damanhur from all over the world, there is an ever increasing amount of diversity in the food desires and requests… beyond the standard espresso and croissant, which will always have their traditionalist blossomsMediterranean fans. The cafe is quickly adapting to these decidedly non-Italian behaviors, for instance, clients asking for salad and soup for breakfast at 8 in the morning.

In the meantime, springtime is coming back and so are the popular homemade ice creams by Scarabeo, made with different kinds of milk, including almond and rice milk. Soy milk ice cream can also be acquired on request, even though last year it was not as popular as the others. Let’s see how it goes this year!

Somachandra has three main associate workers: Taira, Orca Marina and Gru, with Pettirosso helping out as well. This group is also involved in taking care of the Damanhur guest houses: Rama (at Damjl) as well as nearby Atlan and Assmen which are in walking distance from Damjl. The team is looking forward to helping you recharge when you arrive for the next visit!





  1. susie baranski /


    I would like to ask you if the people of Damanhur follow a vegan lifestyle or whether they still eat and use animal products.

    Thank you,

  2. susie baranski /

    I have just found an answer to my question which I asked about above. It seems that the people of Damanhur feel it is acceptable to eat animals. I have lost all respect for this community which I was going to take an interest in because this shows me that you do not have wisdom and ethics.

    • Dear Susie,

      Thanks so much for writing with your question and concerns. Nutrition and food is a very important topic for us, one that we explore with great care. At Damanhur there is no one dietary guideline that everyone must abide by. We believe in the power and importance of choice and free will, in nutrition as well as all personal life choices. We do value a widely varied diet, and for most this includes animal products, although everyone is free to choose eating vegetarian or vegan if they desire, and some do. We all value eating organic and community and locally grown foods, and pay attention to the alchemical properties and effects of food. Here is a 3 article series that explores the topic more if you are still interested. 🙂 Honoring diverse viewpoints and staying in conversation through them leads to growth and understanding.

      All the best.

      • Susie, Wise words. When ever someone participates in violence or power over other they ask you to “honor their viewpoint”. In less currently socially acceptable ways; the white supremist and those denying the vote to women also asked for this “honor”. Would we give this honor to one who kills humans for taste or convenience – of course not – but they ask for this honor when killing and raping cows, lambs, and chickens all when it is unnecessary. There is no easier way to lessen violence in ones life than to go vegan and stop speciesism. May the following hasten their awakening.

        Thanks again Susie and don’t let anyone ever shame you into believing that unnecessary violence is an acceptable choice.