Damanhur News: A Photograph of Time

Apr 14, 15 Damanhur News: A Photograph of Time

With the Eyes and Hands

Research and Experimentation: The Plant WorldTime and space are moving around us and within us. The challenge that we face every day – a challenge that is both sweet and demanding – is to leave our mark on time and space, without stopping them within us, without staying attached to a particular moment.

The meditation we propose this month is to be done with the eyes and hands, as a vehicle of the heart.

Leave the house and go for a walk until you get to a park, the woods, a beach. Look around for something that is “calling” to you somehow: a stone, a piece of wood, something that nature is offering to you. Pick it up and take it with you to your home. As a last step, modify it. Engrave your name on it, color it, change it’s shape. In this way, you are connecting it to the moment when you picked up the object, and you will keep that moment with you, while time continues to flow onward.

You can repeat this simple personal ritual every time you feel you are experiencing an important moment. You will have created a small emotional souvenir, an object full of meaning, a photograph of time.

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Where Nature is a Temple

Spring has arrived! Plants and flowers are blooming and the days are getting longer. As it’s becoming ever more enjoyable to stay outdoors, we invite you to visit the Sacred Woods Temple of Damanhur, which are the extension of the Temples of Humankind. It is a place were you find stone labyrinths and standing stones that modulate the energies between earth and sky. These labyrinths are used as authentic meditation pathways.

Beyond the usual One Day Visit and Half Day Visit to the Temples of Humankind, the Damanhur Welcome Office organizes different programs for walking the labyrinths and visits to the Sacred Woods Temple.

In April, we also offer many chances to participate in the 3 and 5 day visits.

5 Day Visit Click here for information and list of dates for the 5 day program

3 Day Visit Click here for information and list of dates for the 3 day program

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Study with Us

Color Therapy intensive, May 1-8

Tarot and Divination, May 2-3

School for Spiritual Healers Intensive, May 8-22

Astral Travel, May 9-10

Communication with the Plant World, May 9-10

Past Lives Research 5th Level, May 16-17

The Ways of the Dream, May 23-24

Community School 1st year intensive, May 23 – June 6

Evolved Astrology, May 30-31

Introduction to Sacred Dance, May 30-31

Alchemy School first year intensive, July 18 – Aug 3

Ecovillage Design Education at Damanhur , Aug 1 – 29

Click here for the full calendar

Damanhur in the World


April 18-19: Total Health Conference: talks on Damanhur and Mystery School, Toronto


May 9: Inner Research, Byron Bay

May 16-17: Basic Course in Alchemy, Byron Bay


May 15: Bral Talej, Divination card readings, Sebastopol, CA

May 19: How to Create a Resilient Community, Sebastopol, CA

May 16-17: Astral Travel II, Boulder, CO

May 23-24: Inner Personalities, Boulder, CO

May 28-31: Building the New World Conference: Damanhur movie, talks and panel discussion, Radford, VA


August 6-7: Ancient Civilizations of Humankind, London

Interested in hosting events in your city?
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Transforming Fire, Liberated SpiritArt and Creativity

Transforming Fire, Liberated Spirit: Magda shares about her journey as a spiritual artist and her connection with Damanhur and Falco Tarassaco, as well as the creative container of Alex and Allyson Grey’s Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (CoSM) where she painted a tribute to Falco after his passing.

Click here to read the article

Click here to learn more about the Damanhurian Art School, intensive course starting April 11.

Art & Creativity

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