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Apr 15, 15 Evolved Astrology

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Delfino Mogano shares about the history and details of his love of astrology and an upcoming course on Evolved Astrology at Damanhur University.

How many years have you been studying astrology, and how did you begin?
I was 21 years old when I found an excellent astrology manual by a French author, and I translated it to assimilate it better. From then on, I have continued studying astrology texts. Then, I began experimenting with reading astrology charts for my family and friends, doing my first interpretations. Remember, in the 1980s when I began, there were no computer programs available and all the calculations and related drawings for an astrology chart were done completely by hand. It took many hours to complete each one. I like drawing, so I made the charts on parchment paper with India ink. I had a single fountain pen nib for every color, for every carta1planet. Some Damanhurians still have their birth charts that I made in this way.

What is offered in an astrology course, in general?
There can be many different levels of courses… basic ones that explain the symbols used in astrology, courses dedicated to the interpretive elements, practical experimentation in interpretation.

Why is this particular course called Evolved Astrology?
In this kind of course, I offer a panorama related to research done at Damanhur over the years. From the start of the community to current times, we explore the experience of the spiritual path, which tends to highlight important individual choices that are evidenced by some parts of the personal horoscope. In this course, I present the points of ‘evolutionary growth’ for every participant and some interpretive keys are given to understanding the significance of direct experience in everyday life.

How can having this knowledge change your life?
Observing my life, the path until now, from ‘another’ point of observation, a relatively ‘objective’ one with respect to my own ‘quasi reale’ (subjective perspective) can be an important support to better and more deeply understand my experience… what I have gone through… why things happened in a certain way, and which kinds of behaviors were necessary to face them. Some of these points tend to repeat themselves periodically, so this can help me move through them with more awareness, both regarding the opportunities that there are, as well as the teachings that can be found within them.

How can knowing astrology and zodiac characteristics change your relationship and interactions with others?
Before studying other people’s charts, it is very important to spend time studying your own. However, looking at those of the people I know can help me to understand my own chart better. Looking at someonDelfinoe else’s chart, I can see how they may perceive me, what I activate and trigger in them.

It is surely a necessary step to analyze many birth charts, but initially we do it to note how many differences there are from one chart to another, what kind of differences there are, and to better identify our peculiarities.

Research in astrology is a very wide field, and it can be developed in many different directions, connected to other areas of study, medical or scientific ones, social and psychological ones, using astrology to develop talents, for education, relationships, forecasts, etc.


I’m truly passionate about this field of study and personal growth and look forward to sharing more at the Evolved Astrology course at Damanhur May 30-31. Hope some of you may join us or continue the conversation, commenting on the blog.





  1. Timm /

    do you have a system for sussing out the differences between sidereal and tropical approaches, as well as actual location of the constellations in the sky? Do you read a given moment from these different angles, or is it specifically one approach that you utilize?

    • Hi! Your questions have been shared with Delfino with Italian translation. 🙂 We’ll get back to you as soon as the answer comes. con te!

    • Delfino Mogano /

      I have tried experimenting with the sidereal system, but I have not found correlations as significant as those in the tropical.
      The idea that I developed about this is that, with regard to the relationship with human activities, the tropical method is more meaningful, while the sidereal system can be a valuable reference for an analysis of the astrological situation in general.

      In Damanhur we consider the vernal point in relation to specific dates, relating to the beginning of the Age of Aquarius.


  2. You explained in very systematic and interesting manner. I really appreciate you and all those peoples who are working from 70’s and 80’s yet there was no computers, calculation and prediction was quite difficult and tedious. I also started studying, I got lots of stuff and help from KP Astrology team.

    • Thank you for appreciating the work! Yes, computerized systems have definitely made the reading of astrological data much simpler. Though one thing has stayed the same, the intuition and insight that goes into making the readings and extracting the messages. All the best with your study. Con Te!


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