Tools for an addiction-free community

May 12, 15 Tools for an addiction-free community

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For youth and adults alike, it’s not always easy to be consistent in making healthy and harmonious life choices. Sometimes addictions can be damaging to oneself and others. At Damanhur, the Damanhur Education organization in collaboration with our community education group periodically organizes initiatives to address this topic with our youth and the community at large, to have an open dialog and explore useful tools in preventing and healing addictive behaviors.

Iride Pistacchio, coordinator of the Damanhur education group, shares about our community approach: “We have chosen to offer prevention in the school and with citizens by speaking openly about how substances that can become addictions may affect youth, but also people of all ages in critical moments of our lives. We want to share information that is very real and direct, using language that is accessible to young people, from the real life experience of those who have overcome addictions and have been helping others with the same difficulties, or those at risk, to avoid useless harm and suffering. Our goal is to offer critical and verifiable tools, helping teens to not become objects of the market to their detriment, as well as raising awareness for adults, so Damanhur citizens, parents and teachers are all on the same page.

NarcononAt Damanhur, we choose not to smoke, or to use drugs – as written in our Constitution. However, alcohol sometimes rests on a middle ground, slipping away from the guidelines we have established in a way that is ambiguous and insidious, a symptom of our imperfect and precious humanity. Just as the life stories that Paolo Stucchi, speaker from the Narconon Association of southern Europe, shared with us last year were imperfect, but precious. This year, he is returning with one of his collaborators, and they will elaborate on these themes to expand our toolkit of knowledge and information, with an engaging style, not only offering precise technical data, but also animating the concepts with his direct experience.”

For many years, Paolo has been involved with education and prevention of substance abuse and addiction in youth environments throughout Italy and internationally. Here is what Paolo has to say about his offering: “I am a young person that has gone through a five year experience of addiction and alcoholism, which ended in 2008, thanks to my will to get out of the “tunnel,” with the help of the Narcanon rehabilitation program. In my talks, I share stories from episodes of my life to help increase understanding of the concepts that I express.”

Paolo will be speaking with the middle school students of the Damanhur School tomorrow morning, Wednesday May 12th, and at 7:30 pm in the town hall of Vidracco, he’ll address a wider audience of adults from the community. Everyone in the area is invited to participate!