Two years “not without” Falco

Jun 23, 15 Two years “not without” Falco

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Two years ago on June 23, 2013, Falco Tarassaco left the physical body at age 63, after a brief illness that he went through while here in Damanhur, among all of us, using his final days and the last bit of his energy to review all the aspects of the mission of Damanhur, to salute everyone, to pass on indications regarding the various areas of research that he conducted. On the evening of the Summer Solstice, the founder and spiritual guide of Damanhur passed away in the Aval nucleo community.

Two years… has it been a long time, or a short time? It’s been both. Two years are a lot, if we consider how much we miss his smile, his encouragement and also his impatience (Falco was someone who got bored quickly…). Two years are very few, if we consider that we have a lifetime ahead of us to move with Damanhur into the development and openness that we dreamed of, together with Falco.

Today is a day of reflection and celebration, and we want to keep it from slipping into only rhetoric. Falco Tarassaco (Dandelion) – the plant name that he was given by Damanhurians – Falco Tarassacois here with us, every day, through his writings, through his thousands of achievements, and in everyone’s memories, shared with others. Two years “not without” Falco, as some say.

Many new, recently-arrived Damanhurians have never encountered Falco while he walked along the paths at Damjl, with sheets of paper rolled up in his hand, or when he spoke from the stage at Damanhur Crea. We especially dedicate the stories that we tell about our brother, friend and spiritual father, to them.

We offer our deep gratitude to Falco Tarassaco for having realized all this, and for having knowing how to guide us into being independent of his presence, as precious and beloved as it was and is.