Synchronic horoscope: July 19 – July 25, 2015

Jul 20, 15 Synchronic horoscope: July 19 – July 25, 2015

Read several messages, the one of your Sun (your will), Ascendant (your personality), Moon (your psyche) and Midheaven (social recognition), as well as the other planets of your birth chart.


ARIES 4524 – If you smile with your mouth, your spirit will follow your body. Happiness if you want it. – Non cercare di punirti.

TAURUS 6243 – Sudden change. Read the signs on the wall, on the floor, around you. – Through Adaptation, surprise the one(s) who thought of taming you.

GEMINI 4243 – Water, today, is in tune with you. – Avoid rage, today more than ever.

CANCER 4362 – Illusion. Much power to those who don’t use it. You are what you desire. – Being proud of one’s position takes strength away.

LEO 6535 – Lie. More sincerity. The song of the rooster. Patience of the Master, acquiescence. – The two watches do not coincide.

VIRGO 5436 – The antenna of the Self points to the North. Be straight in the flow of its line. Return wave. – Selfic defense. Energy.

LIBRA 2232 – Dry earth does not produce. With water it sprouts, with air it breathes, with fire it grows. – Do not surrender when faced with difficulties. Perseverance.

SCORPIO 3152 –  The cock crows three times. Prevent betrayals. Clarity does not cause suspicion. Hesitation does. – Snake. Enveloping. Who are you with?

SAGITTARIUS 2163 – Life is Knowledge. This the high Aim. The Ultimate. The number of synchronic completeness. – Meditated wishes come true.

CAPRICORN 2615 – Sacrifice a small thing. The Path is made of small stones. You go around the massive rock, you stride over the stone. – Learn to adjust your strengths.

AQUARIUS 3252 – Control your rage. More respect. With the sun, your soul sees clearly. – Throwing away fears, more naivety and freshness.

PISCES 4356 – Attention when going from one place to another. Danger. – Moving on time, to avoid haste, that is now your enemy and dangerous.




by Soffio

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