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Jul 24, 15 spiriTunes #7 LissApel

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LissApel: the music mUvement is a new generation Damanhur music group who has created fresh and delicate songs as well as reinterpreting some favorite tunes from Damanhurian tradition. Madrid1Their intention is to give a sound and voice to the Superindividual, the collective community being of Damanhur, through the creation of music that anyone in the audience can sing along to, creating a group field of unity. LissApel has recently performed their music in Madrid, Spain and released a music collection called Spiral Sessions which can be listened to via Soundcloud online.

Songs featured on the collection include “Mabej Focal” a RIORMA (Damanhur mantra) originally written by Capra Carruba, inspired by a dream of reawakening humanity. The other songs with Sacred Language titles come from traditional Damanhur ritual music, and “Horem Acuti” is an ancient Egyptian prayer about divinities that is often sung at Damanhur, although now, there is this energized May 29and upbeat version. Live performance of this and other LissApel songs has been bringing vitality and joy to Damanhur community celebrations, such as the May 29th dinner at Damanhur Crea for the spiritual birthday of Damanhur.

LissApel is: Zigola, Assapan, Napea, Luca



Want to experience more Damanhur music, art and creativity?

Day 5 of the 10-day Destination Damanhur AMINE’ program is “Create Community Through Art” and the closing celebration features Damanhurian music.






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