Maiale: my animal name and real change

Aug 06, 15 Maiale: my animal name and real change

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Maiale (Pig) from Croatia tells about his journey to Damanhur, first as a tourist, then as an Initiate in the Damanhur School of Meditation at the Damanhur Center Talej in Zagreb, and finally as a New Life participant become citizen of Damanhur.

He’s taken the leap into the journey of Destination Damanhur, where finding real solutions for humanity’s problems is an everyday guiding light.


Maiale shares:

I came to Damanhur 10 years ago as a tourist, with a friend of mine in a bus loaded with people. Everyone in the group was very awestruck by the things they saw, though I thought it was all pretty normal. For example, we were on the visit to Damjl, and the guide was explaining about this pool where they collect rainwater for different uses, like flushing toilets, and everyone was saying, “Wow… It’s a miracle!” This friend of mine and I were looking at each other and saying, “What’s with these people? It’s not a miracle. It’s a normal thing. You collect water, then you use it.”

I was very impressed by the Temples of Humankind, because they resonated with me and the way that I think. We did the whole tour around Damanhur and the Temples and experienced a lot, though what stands out in my memory is that I couldn’t stop eating. I was so hungry all the time. I was eating like seven times a day, and I still didn’t feel satiated… and everything tasted very nice. I really was eating all the time.

Maiale3When the Damanhurians mentioned how they have names of animals and plants, I said, “Oh, I want to be called Maiale (Pig)!” I thought my name would be Maiale Anguria (Pig Watermelon), but Anguria is already taken by someone (Diomedea Anguria).

On the bus ride back after our visit to Damanhur, a man said to me and my friend, “This is all very beautiful, but how can you believe all this? You are so happy because you believe in it.” I said to him, “I don’t know. We just take things as they are. It’s like that. You can choose to believe… I don’t know how.”

So later on, I did a Spiritual Physics course because I am interested in those things. At a certain point, I stared with the Damanhur School of Meditation too.

Then last year, the Viaggio came to visit different Damanhur centers, including Talej, and I joined them. While I was on Viaggio, I got the animal name Maiale! I was so happy. After this Viaggio, nothing was the same again. I hadn’t really thought about living in Damanhur before, and after the Viaggio, I was trying to find reasons not to go. For a couple of months, I did find reasons to stay where I was, because I dug deeper and deeper and deeper, and when I couldn’t find any more reasons, I decided to jump in and see what would happen if I moved to Damanhur. I just said to myself, “Okay, what’s the worst thing that can happen? You can come back. So, I just went.”

Maiale4So I did the New Life program, and then I decided to become a Damanhur citizen. So… I’m here. I think the most unique thing about Damanhur is that the project is connected to all of humanity. That is, there is the intention to help guide humanity on the right path, in the sense of growth on all levels: social, spiritual, political.

I like Damanhur because it’s not only talking about how things don’t work in society. Some people I know are like this. They are unhappy with their jobs or their lives. They know there is something more to life, but they don’t change anything because, “Even if we try to change things, it will be all the same.” Damanhur is a place that is making a true effort to really change things in the world, for all of humanity.






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    I like the story and one day i go to Damanhur too!