How has Alchemy changed my life?

Sep 16, 15 How has Alchemy changed my life?

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Tucano shares about how the study of Alchemy at Damanhur has impacted her life.

“Studying and practicing Alchemy has definitely changed my life. I find that I am more aware of my magical power as an individual. I notice that by directing my thoughts toward an objective, using tools to densify them even more, I can create changes within and beyond me. I have used Alchemy as a way of refining my inner world and amplifying my perceptions. Damanhurian alchemy is based on these kinds of transformations: refining, creating movement, choosing moods, emotions and characteristics.

Falco Tarassaco taught that by practicing Alchemy and utilizing alchemical elements outside of ourselves, it is a different process than only working within ourselves. If I just work on an inner level, it is not so easy to isolate a particular quality that I want to utilize. With Alchemy, this is possible. In this way, I can be more effective with my intentions.

A 10 day journey to discover the magic and values of Damanhur. Day 4 is "Immersion in spirituality": Are you interested in mystical and spiritual aspects of Damanhur? Which one interests you the most? First group begins Aug 8th so hurry if your dream is tTo give an example. Let’s say that I want to create a substance that contains willpower. First I must understand what my particular willpower is made up, as it is different from that of anyone else’s. The ingredients of my willpower might be a little anxiety, dreams and visions, the will to realize things, and some physical strength. Understanding this, I can then isolate all these different elements and create a kind of ‘potion’ for willpower. As I do this outer work, I am also working on myself on an inner level. Once I have this ‘potion’ created, I can use it when I need, and also exchange it with others. So, I can experience other people’s way of being and vice versa.

Once, I created a chimera (a combination of qualities from different sources) with the characteristics of three different Damanhurians: Rondine’s kindness and softness, Iguana’s clarity and lucidity in his speech and communication, and Ragno’s tranquility. I used this chimera on myself and afterward, when speaking with someone, I asked if she noticed any differences from my usual way of being. She said yes, you are really good at explaining things! I feel you are extremely present and kind. I felt these qualities in me, the lucidity of Iguana as I spoke. I also felt something I never felt before. Usually I am very direct in my communication, although then, I felt a kind of hesitancy. I realized that this was a side-effect of Rondine’s kindness, that behind it, there is a delicacy that is concerned about imposing on people too much, which is something I usually don’t feel at all. 🙂

Then there are advanced Alchemy practices related to treesmoving through time, working with time as a substance and densifying future events, alchemy for healing, communicating with other dimensions, elements and nature… so, if you participate in the Alchemy School which starts in October at Damanhur, we can talk about these things and experiment with them too!”


Ready for a path of alchemical experimentation and refinement?

The three-year Alchemy School starts soon at Damanhur University. Weekend sessions once a month starting October 10-11th, 2015. Intensive session November 1-17th, 2015.






  1. Margaret Sieger /

    Hi friend! Such a fascinating post! And I thought you might like to hear my perspective. I recently had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with Damanhur when my sister Tia Quilter visited for a few weeks of amazing experiences. I tried to connect with her energetically while she was there and read several of Falcos books and used the oracle. Soon I felt a new sensation. I felt like I was getting access to all sorts of creative ideas during my day that were not my own. It was so much fun to seemingly be in communication with so many interesting and joyful individuals. I always wondered what natural telepathy would be like as I’ve heard that it will be a natural part of the spiritual shift that is in progress. The Maya prophesied that there will be no more lies after this shift. Now I think I’m beginning to understand how wonderful that will be! Thank you all for being the vanguard there in Damanhur and I hope to be able to come study with you all soon!
    With Love, Margaret in Washington state, USA

    • Dear Margaret,

      Thank you for sharing your beautiful story of connecting to Damanhur on so many levels! Please do let us know when you are coming to visit. We would love to welcome you to our communities and the Temples of Humankind. In the meantime, we’ll be in communication through the Synchronic Lines! 🙂

      con te!


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