A new Credito coin

Sep 22, 15 A new Credito coin

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At Damanhur we have used a system of complementary currency called the Credito for many years. For the occasion of Damanhur’s 40th Anniversary, which we have just finished celebrating during the previous year (September 1st is Damanhurian New Year’s day), we have created a new coin that is valued at 25 Crediti. The coin is made golden metal, representing the connection to the solar forces.

credito FalcoOn one face of the coin, there is an engraved symbol of the Popolo Spirituale, and there is also a portrait of Falco Tarassaco, surrounded by a dandelion head whose seeds are flying out into the world to create new plants. In the past, other Damanhur founders – Gau Loto, Canguro Mais, Orso Lichene – were also depicted on coins. The seed symbolizes the message of the founder, which spreads far and wide from the place where the first plant – Damanhur – has originated.

On the other face of the coin, there is an image of the Sacred Woods Temple, represented with a chestnut leaf, as the chestnut is the most ancient tree of the woods. The chestnut, another seed alongside that of the dandelion, tells about a civilization formed around the fruits of the earth. The leaf is a symbol of continuous life. In the background are the three pyramids of the labyrinths, which are an extension of the Temples of Humankind. The entire image emphasizes the sacredness of the union between humanity and the Worlds of nature.

Creating this new coin is part of the celebration of Damanhur’s 40th Anniversary.




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