Damanhur News: What Damanhur can do for you

Sep 23, 15 Damanhur News: What Damanhur can do for you

Come and discover the AMINE’ program

Excitement before entering the unknown :)

Since early summer, Destination Damanhur has been attracting people from different parts of the world who are choosing to spend some time with us to get to know life at Damanhur.

What is Damanhur Destination? It is a meditation that we invite everyone to experience. Ask yourself: what do you feel within you when you read or hear about Falco Tarassaco, his message and the Federation of Communities that he founded?

What if Damanhur were a piece of your future? What if that which you’ve always been seeking were here?
Explore these questions in yourself.

Consider the possibility of spending ten days with us for the AMINE’ program, specifically created to investigate these questions, meditating on them with others like you during an intense and fun time. Explore and get to know Damanhur better, and sense what Damanhur can do for you and what you can do for Damanhur.


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The 10 day AMINE’ program starts October 10 and November 7.

Upcoming Great Rituals are the Commemoration of the Dead on November 1 and Winter Solstice which will be held on two dates, December 20 and 27, all with options of special 3 Day Visits and the opportunity to spend the night in the Temples of Humankind with Contact with the Cosmos.

Around fire
Synchronic Knowledge

Alchemy School

First year monthly, first weekend, October 10-11

First year intensive, November 1-17

How has studying and practicing Alchemy changed your life?
I am more aware of my magical power as an individual. I notice that by directing my thoughts toward an objective, using tools to densify them even more, I can create changes within and beyond me. I have used Alchemy as a way of refining my inner world and amplifying my perceptions. Damanhurian alchemy is based on these kinds of transformations: refining, creating movement, choosing moods, emotions and characteristics.

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Study with Us

Calendar of courses at Damanhur


School for Spiritual Healers, October 12-26
Inner Personalities, October 17-18
Beyond Life, October 31-November 1


Past Lives Research 1st-4th level, November 28-29


Voice Sound and Silence, December 5-6
Inner Senses, December 18-19
Contact with the Cosmos, December 19-20 and December 26-27

Damanhur in the world, Croatian center Talej in Zagreb



Stuttgart, 23. Oktober: Vortrag: Astralreisen
Stuttgart, 23. – 24. Oktober: Astralreisen
Queichhambach bei Landau, 7. – 8. November: Vergangene Leben
Syke-Leerßen – 20. November: Von Atlantis bis Ägypten: Verlorenes Wissen antiker Zivilisationen
Chemnitz, 20. November: Vortrag: Psychologie im 3. Jahrtausend
Syke-Leerßen – 21-22. November (Anmeldeschluss: 21. Oktober): Vergangene Leben
Chemnitz, 21. – 22. November: Innere Persönlichkeiten


Wien, 11. Oktober: Die Neue Meditation – ein Weg zum Glück
Wien, 24. Oktober: Einstiegskurs Esoterische Physik
Wien, 25. Oktober: Aufbaukurs Esoterische Physik


Toledo – 25 de septiembre: Conferencia Damanhur, Ciudad de Luz
Toledo – 26 de septiembre: Curso de Danza Sagrada
Toledo – 27 de septiembre: Concierto musica damanhuriana – LissApel
Madrid – 2 octubre: Lo femenino y lo masculino, camino al Andrógino
Madrid – 3 octubre: Hacia la libertad espiritual, 3º enc
Toledo – 23 octubre: Armonización Interior
Madrid -24 octubre: Antiguas civilizaciones del hombre e historia pre-Atlantidea


Sardinien – 27.September – 4. Oktober: “Magische Ferien” in Sardinien 2015


Oslo – 16. oktober: Introduksjon til En annerledes meditasjon
Oslo – 17.-18. oktober: En annerledes meditasjon
Bergen 13. nov./14.-15.november: Kontakt med planteverdenen
Oslo – 14.-15. nov. (påmeldingsfrist 1. oktober): Utforskning av tidligere liv


Boulder, Colorado

Sept. 19-20 – Contact with the Plant World

Sept. 22-24 – Astral Travel II

Nov. 14-15 – Spiritual Physics II

March 12-13, 2016 – Ancient Civilizations III
March 14, 2016 – Inner Harmonization III
March 19-20, 2016 – Past Lives Research

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Sarasota, Florida

Sept. 25 – Introduction to Selfica
Sept. 26 – Atlantis and Ancient Civilizations

Tarpon Springs, Florida

Oct. 9 – Damanhur and its Temples, Community and Spiritual Harmony
Oct. 10 – Music of the Plants: 40 Years of Research and Communication
Oct. 10 – The Alchemy School of Damanhur
Oct. 14 – Damanhur’s Path to Spiritual Liberation
Oct. 5 – Intro to Damanhur’s Mystery School

Sebabstapol, California

Nov. 7-8 (register by Oct. 7) – Past Lives
Contact Christy Hamilton for more information

Big Sur, California

Nov. 15-20 – Knowing thy Selves, a Retreat at Esalen
Contact Shama Viola for more information

Los Angeles, California

Nov. 21-22 (register by Oct. 21) – Past Lives
Contact Lila Bronson for more information

Scotts Valley, California

Dec. 11-13 – Path to Spiritual Freedom, Time Travel

Maui, Hawaii

Dec. 4-6 – Special Magical Mission on Maui

Damanhur in the World

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