AMINE’. Remember.

Oct 21, 15 AMINE’. Remember.

vel_olamj_come_visit copyWEDNESDAY. COME VISIT




Here we are at Destination Damanhur, welcoming our newest friends into the extended family through the 10-day Amine’ program. The latest group of 16 participants has just concluded the program, with participants coming from as far away as Taiwan, Australia and the USA, along with the ones from all over Europe, for the chance to open their hearts to the magic of Damanhur and feel the atmosphere here, reawakening ancient memories and future dreams. Here’s a video that captures the spirit of the first Amine’s group experience in August.



Feel the call to come?

The next dates for beginning the 10 day journey to changing your life with Amine’ starts November 7th and December 29th, 2015.